Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Day that was !!! :-)

I know you are smart enough to notice the difference between the tittle of previous post and this post !! But infact there is far more difference between the two posts rather then just the tittle, yesterday i was least enthusiastic about my work and today I was keen to work from the very beginning ,though I didn't, but ya its 7:45 in the eve and I am still in the office and I was working b4 writing this post. Today I'm feeling far more energetic and fresh then i was yesterday, and the main difference between yesterday and today was my attitude, yesterday I was confused and today I am far more clear in my thought process.While yesterday most of my time passed by doing nothing, today I tried to do everything right which could help me in over coming my problem.

I finally figured out my problem with the CAT's english and why I do blunders, so I hope I would improve on from here :-) I had a long talk with one of my oldest friend and felt really nice after that, it gave me lots of positive energy and it felt like things are automatically falling into the place. I had a nice sleep, a nice lunch and hopefully a nice dinner is waiting for me :D

I am not very excited but certainly I am more relaxed and I know what I am doing and what i need to do for the rest of day and more importantly I know how I will manage that. I read couple of blogs today and even though they were full of hatred and shear frustration , i could still comment to the blogger to think positive and to see positive side of everything. I read this blog and couldn't understand two things, firstly ...are people so frustrated with their lives that they enjoy reading articles/blogs which feeds them with more negative energy and our life and surrounding so bad that we literally hate it !!! (( thirdly, why people comment only on a girl's blog :P ))

Anyways, my views towards life are completely opposite, I value everything that's there in my surrounding,I love myself and everything I do. I believe life is not about complaining and hating things, its about accepting the things they are, its about being flexible enough to adjust in every situation. Life gives you enough challenges and opportunities that if you value them and actually make them count, you would never complain about life being boring. We love far more people then we hate, then why do we need to think about later ones !!! Life is too short to hate some one or regret something, its about keeping a broad smile on the face and making everyone feel the same. Stay Happy and Keep others happy is my philosophy and would write more about it in an another blog.

I would end this post with one of my favourate line :

"World is a beauty-full place to live and we can make it even better only if we can see the beauty part of it"

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Smriti Srivastava said...

Hmm..Interesting...and I agree with your thinking.

Life's too short to hold grudges..when we do that, we dont live our lives...we live lives of others. I fail to understand why we cannot move on...Me being one of the many humans who cant seem to let go of old things. I've recently learnt, from my own experiences, that hating someone is the worst thing I can do to myself. I can therefore say with a smile on my face, that I;ve learnt to let go.

And I hope soon the blogosphere will have more people with +ve blogs...that includes myself ;)

Take care..and happy blogging..good luck buidling your english wishes :)

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Smriti

Thanks for all your wishes though I think its my wishes that help people to clear exam n interviews :P

And secondly, y no body else commenting :( ...need to develop some marketing strategy to promote my blog :)

All The Very Best :D

«« hAdez »» said...

u got a regular visitor thr, i c :P

kaam vaam ni hai kya koi tujhe ???