Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Blog !!! --- I

"Random Blog I" , because i am sure at some point of time I would write some more blogs like this.I was thinking of renaming it to "how stupid people can get -Part I" but then I didn't,don't know why may be coz I dont know the person I am about to write about.

So while writing another blog which i would post by evening I went for my lunch break to the Mcdonalds in our cafeteria (yeah yeah !!! we have mcdonals in our office's cafeteria) and there was this guy standing in front of me in the queue, he looked fairly educated,aged around 24,single and employed in some other company,he was accompanied by some "colleague" (yeah !!!! she was a gal) and here goes the conversation between him and mcdonald guy !!!

Mr X : Give me a Mcveggie,A medium Coke,A medium french fries and some potato xyz (I cudnt hear dat xyz)

McD Guy : Sir,would you like to go for the combo meal ? you can save 13/16 Rs ??

Mr X: What will this combo meal have?

McD Guy : Mcveggie Burgey,Medium Coke and A medium french fries !!

Mr X : So it wont have the potato xyz ??

McD Guy : No,it wont be there in the meal but you can take it separately,total will cost 99 Rs !! (Meal + Potato xyz)

Mr X (In an upsetting voice just like when a kid is being told for some chocolate): No, i want that potato xyz also, give me all these separately,the way i ordered !!!

(I was looking @ Mr X and smiling,Mr X could see me smiling @ him,I try not to make Mr X look stupid,but I can't control God Please help me !!!!)

McD Guy : Ok,Sir. Here is your order, Total of 112 Rs.

McD Guy : Sir,3 mins waiting for french fries.(fills up the coke n gets burger for Mr X,reaches for the try and put the burger over it)

Mr X : Give me the coke along with french fries,not now.

(Mr X's expressions were like,if u give me the coke now it won't be chilled by the time i get french fries)

McD Guy : Ok Sir (Takes the coke back,puts near the HOT pizza mcpuff's machine)

(Mr X goes to his seat to sit with his colleague, he starts with the burger while his colleague with potato xyz,I kept smiling so was the McD guy thinking about what was going through Mr X's mind)
(Mr X comes back,takes his not so chilled coke n french fries,goes back to his seat; little amused about why was i smiling)

(I go to another seat,have my burger thinking I'l surely write a blog about this !!)

P.S - 1 : I have no hard feelings for Mr X
P.S - 2 : The Colleague was a Gulti Gal
P.S - 3 : I am writing all this while sitting in my office !!! :-) and another blog too !!!

Note : Being educated in not a Sufficient condition for a person to have common sense !!!

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smriti_dolls said...

:D :D

Some people think themselves to be total studs and act like insufferable know-it-alls ... and "lesser mortals" like us have the opportunity to have a good laugh at their expense...whatever.. ;)

Was an Enjoyable read...and McD at Cafetaria?? I'm soooo Jealous!! :D