Monday, May 23, 2011

The Dude ....!!!

After writing my previous blog i realized, i had forgotten a very important thing..i forgot to introduce the new member of our family.  So the 'One year hence part... 2' is postponed for now.

On 23rd of December 2009, 2 days before the bollywood's biggest hit "3 Idiots" was released, my bhabi gave birth to a baby boy. Back then, for couple of weeks he was called the "4th Idiot " but later given the name "Shlok", obviously by me. As with any other kid these days, the guy is quite smart considering his age and unlike me & my brother, he is quite photogenic. He somehow has the ability to locate camera from the corner of his eyes  and pose for a picture. This one is just one of the many..!!

Needless to say, but I am in love with the Dude..and somehow the circumstances turned around in a way that i get to spent time with him while he learnt to crawl, walk, talk and 100 other things. I don't remember how i spent my childhood but seeing him doing all kind of stuff makes me feel, i wish i was that smart.

The guy passes smile to girls of my age and gets all the attention..somehow has love for Mobile phone & laptops from day 1...doesn't sleep before 12 Midnight..has enormous amount of love for ice-cream, cold coffee and mango...give him the phone and he will talk for long hours (in his own language)...  Don't know if god is working over time to design these kids :P

I don't know how, but the dude recognized me even when I met him for the first time and he has been after my specs since then, oh yeah....just mine !! He deliberately wakes me up and signals towards my specs lying on the table or else where. He comes and sit in my lap, just when i am about to have lunch / dinner and obviously share some of it :-). He makes me eat his share of biscuits & chocolates and at times rice too.. pinch by pinch for half an hour or so. ...Plays with me just when I sit to work and list of our bonding goes on & on....

Sometimes its fascinating to see him being able to differentiate between a T.V Remote, a Mobile phone and a toy phone..from where can he know which charger fits into which can he imitate everyone's actions so can he apply so much of brain in most of the things he do !! I am sure its just the start of thousands of unbelievable things which i am gonna witness about him.....these 3rd generation kids...beyond my scope to understand...!!

P.S - Shlok, if &when you happen to read this would know how naughty you were & how much happiness you bring to me and the entire family....:-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

One year hence.....Part 1

Its been over an year since i blogged last time...a lot has changed since then...a new job..a new house..a new life responsibilities...and bigger than that, we have a new ICC world champions :-)

So here i go....sharing my life and experiences.!!

The last summer was a forgettable one....frustrated with the job & possibly seeking bad luck in every thing i was doing...I met an stitches on my right hand with couple of weeks left in an important exam. Post exam wasn't a easy time either, day used to start with leaving from home in frustration and 6-7 hours later..reaching back home with frustration from office...!! Preparing for job interviews every alternate day and keep waiting to hear from the job consultants and companies...came close to quite a few but "apna to bad luck hi kharab hai"...somehow or the other..the offer letter didn't come :P

Parents visited my place in a way to get me out of the frustration and advising me to continue the job for a little while longer...but the kind of guy i am, i resigned from my job without any other offer letter...a decision that many would have felt foolish considering i was earning decent enough. On the other hand, i passed the exam too..i knew i would pass coz of the level of preparation & motivation i had in-spite of an Inter Venal injection in my right arm.

Resigning from a job gave a sense of relief coz i knew I'm moving on.. but at the same time i was in an uncertainty ...i didn't know what would i move on to. The good thing about it was i wanted a change and I made it happen rather than waiting for it. Probably the first positive thing i learnt from all of it :-)

31st August 2010, the day when i left my first job and 2 days later i moved out of Hyderabad....for me i had nothing to loose coz there wasn't anything to gain even if I had stayed longer ...for others i might have lost everything...considering "Money / Job / Career" is everything least in the community i studied !!

Keep visiting the space to know what happened next !! :-)