Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Day that Wasn't -- 29th July !!!!

I had been thinking of writing about my "yesterday" from last 1 n half hour but as always, didn't know where to start from ...!!

Let me give another try... couple of things to start with , Firstly Its true that Blogging is an "Addiction" and I agree with that person who said this, I am saying this because its not even 12 hours when i wrote my previous blog and now sitting in my office I'm writing one more, don't know why but it really feels good !!!! Secondly,the tittle of the post is inspired from the show hosted by Cyrus Broacha which gets aired every sunday @ 10:30 in the morning on CNN IBN, the real name being the week that wasn't !!!

((This tittle might be repeated many a times in the future ))

Anyways,My day started with least enthusiasm, its been raining in hyd from last 3-4 days n since i love the rain, i didn't really feel like going to work but since college life is not as same as so called " Professional life", i got ready and reached office only to find out that my team leader or rather mentor is not present in the office and even though i could have worked on something, I just kept reading documents which were far more boring. You know this was one of those days when sitting idle was more tiring then working, so i got bored whole day and kept thinking about something which made me more sad and more depressed.In the mean while i read hell lot of blogs and added some nice ones to my "Blog List". By the time i got free from office, i was too tired and not in the greatest of moods to do anything substantial, so just sat in an auto and reached a place where i could walk to my house. Now a nice thing happened, there was this "bhutte" waala where i got down, so I asked him if he could get me one, so after selecting one of my choice he roasted that up by the same old traditional way, using coal and all. I handed him a 10 ruppee note and in return he gave me 9 Rs 50 Paise, knowing that the Butta cost 5 Rs each, so I just realized that he misplaced a 5 Rs coin instead of a 50 Paise coin,and then I returned him 4 Rs 50 Paise and told him to be careful for the next time !!! The incidence helped me to over come my sadness and felt a positive energy of doing something good !! I reached home, tried to study but couldnt, read news paper, and all that while I was thinking, why am i working in a field that doesn't interests me up, I know this is not the thing I want to do for long but somehow everyone asks me to be patient and continue with it till I get another opportunity. God knows when would that happen..!!!!

With not in a mood to do anything and not really feeling sleepy, I switched over to my best friend, "Internet and chatting" ; and came across this blog,I didn't find it interesting but was curious enough to ask the blogger about some interesting books which could help me in improving my english. So i switched over to gtalk in the hope that I might get some assistance or some positive response, and thank fully I got that, felt nice chatting with my first ever blog friend and some how my mood changed and I wrote this post for my blog which I think is the best one till now. Best coz its from my heart and really loved writing this one. By the time I was done with this post, i was almost asleep, so just forwarded the link to couple of friends and went to bed !!!

The day that wasn't started with a very low on energy, ended in a much needed positive way with a belief in myself that I am better ,as a person, as a friend & as a professional and there is no dead end, I just need to make my way through....!!!!

Cheers to life !!!!!!

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Smriti Srivastava said...


HUGS to you...a few pointers from your blog...

a) Yes, its a bit you said. Was a nice read too ..

b)Your posts are more readable than you realise. We can work on those Vocabs whenever u feel like :P

c) You rock dude!! And you knw that pretty well ;)

Lastly, I'd rather have my name in the blog...rather than "blogger" :P

Good to know that you found the positives at thr right time...this way we know that nothing is certain in life.. sometimes you make plans for a day and they work out better than you expected (sometimes worse too)... Lets see what life has in store for you...and me too :P

Cheers to a long, happy and fruitful life ;)

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Smriti

Are you trying to be good or just being sarcastic saying "Your posts are more readable than you realize"

and ya,not every plan works out !!!

All the best to you :)

Thanks for reading all of my posts !! :D

Smriti Srivastava said...


Wat do u think?? Sarcasm or being good?? Choice is yours.. :P

Frankly...neither.. If I dont like a blog, I'll tell it...coz I like to express my views...It is independent of my understanding with there u have it ;)

sana obaid said...

Hey Ashish!!
I guess in life there always comes a point when one feels worst sitting idle than doing anything boring- :)
But then again there are times when you think back and smile that such moments did came in life..
My friend your blog is realistic- thats one of the few things I like and enjoy.
I write for myself.. and hardly get time to visit other blogs. so when I do.. I just hope not to get across anything fake or over the top.
I like the rhythm of your thoughts.. soft, smooth and constant.
Hope to read more from you..

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Sana

Thanks a lot for the comment, finally it feels good that my words are being liked by some one..!!

Keep commenting it inspires me to write better :)