Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Friendship Day !!!

Its been really long (exact 4 days) since I wrote my last blog !! 4 days is quite a long time for me, considering the number of thoughts and Ideas that come to my mind in a single day. There is one true thing about blogging, most of the posts are written when blogger is not in his/her best of moods, same was with me, last 4 days have been good for me and even though I had so many good things to share, I didn't felt like writing coz I just kept thinking how can I write them "perfectly" !!!

There is one more thing I thought after reading so many other blogs, I wish to keep this blog always full of positive thoughts; motivating and learning experiences with some humors stories in between.As I wrote in this blog & this blog that i like to help people around me, I would make sure who ever read my blog signs off with a positive feeling about life and about himself, may be this is one of the reason I created this blog.

Anyways yesterday was "The Friendship Day" and it was one of the best that I had in last 4-5 years and the reason being I didn't remember it :D , though I was wished by a good friend of mine @ Midnight only but still it was not in my mind for rest of the day, I got calls from least expected school time friends and was really happy talking to them. It always feels nice when unexpected things happens, I used to expect calls n mszs when I was in college but yesterday I didn't expect any call and at the end I got a call from everyone :-)

Today, while sitting in office, don't know why but I wrote testimonials for two of my best friends of school time, their name being Tanay and Sanju. I met them 2-3 times in last 5 years but are still close to me and when ever we meet or talk, we just get on with things rather then complaining about not being in touch or whatever, and this is onething that I learnt from them and really feels lucky to have these friends !!!

There is another group of friends that exists in my life, the online ones, those whom I first met/talked on some messenger or on some social networking site. Out of those,there have been plenty whom I have met in real life also, some of them are still very good friends, I call some of them as my sister/brother and some being just in talking terms. There is onething that everyone who has/had an online friend would agree on and that is you can share your feelings, your thoughts, your secrets and your day to day life without much of hesitation (exception being your personal details). Once you get comfortable talking to him/her online, you feel there is a person who can listen to you without expecting much in return, you feel like being online at the time when your friend is, you just create another world of your own which seems to be more ideal for you then the real world, primarily coz you write the rules of that world and those rules are just applicable to you and no one else, you can break them, you can manipulate them and also you can have two different sides of you at the same time,talking to two different online friends.

In short you can just be the way you want to be rather then what you actually are and hence forth the online world seems to be more beautiful. But after being an active member of this online world for the last 4 years or so, I have found another thing in common between all the guys and gals, they all are "Insecured" , they seek for some one whom they can talk to and can share their feelings/desires, though the reason for this insecurity can vary, one seeks a brother or sister in a friend coz he/she is the only kid at her home and both the parents are working, other may be insecure because he/she is getting less attention from his parents as compared to other siblings, another one can just be the fear of talking and sharing things with parents or some one elder, one can look for a companion coz her/his friends have one and he/she cant find one of her choice in real etc

Even I was one of those insecured souls at one point of time in my life, and I did the same thing, or rather I perfected it to an extent !!! I don't have any hard feelings for the guys n gals who chats and believe in online friendship coz I know its in human nature to share things with some one, at least one person be it friend/sibbling/parents or just a pet, but then is it advisable to seek for that one person among thousands of strangers ?? There is just one percent chances that you get a right person to talk to, the main disadvantage of online chating/friendship is the rest of 99 % of conversations one have with strangers !! Thats where things get really bad or in common terms we call it "Bad Experiences", more n more of such incidences makes us feel very negative about the world around us and many of us grow with an "I Dont Care Attitude", this attitude is perfectly fine when it goes to cyber world but it does start affecting our day to day life n some how either we become very irritated and frustrated or we create a shell around us with restricted entry !!! In either case it doesn't do good to ourselves !!!!

Anyways, would just like to share that I have had my share of good and bad experiences, have managed to make some really good friends or rather friends for life. In the end, only thing that matters is what you learn from bad experiences and how to transform a good one to a better one !!!! So just be careful next time you talk to a stranger, never let him/her effect your life in a bad way !!!!

Happy Chatting, Happy Orkutting ....!!!!! Stay Happy and keep Smiling !!!!

Note - 1 : I was addicted to chatting @ one point of time !!!

Note - 2 : I am not a Chat Guru n Dont have any Fundae of my own, I was just 1% of those good people to chat to.

Note -3 : Nothing has been written in the blog keeping a single individual in the mind !!!

Note - 4 : Everything written is my own personal opinion/learning and by no means is intented to hurt any one's feelings

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alex paul k said...

well it ws a good note on friends

yeah online frauds r pretty much disgustin.....nice post

«« hAdez »» said...

So the blogger saw 'insecurity' all around... I 'd say.. " we c wht we want 2 c, we b'liev wht we want 2 b'liev in..." its called predujice, more prevalent than the insecurity thing i think. ;D

Btw... wht is it tht the blogger is insecure about ? ;)

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Alex

Thanks for the comment

==@ Hadez

Blogger wasn't insecured bt was seeking a bit of attention about his existence from the world all around !!
Thnx for being so honest wid your comments ;)

*change is the only constant thing happened to me, so accept the change !!!

Smriti Srivastava said...

I'm really glad that you went ahead and did this...I agree with your views ..


Keep rocking...and happy blogging...

P.S... Good to see comments... +ve and -ve ;)