Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last Night !!!

Wow, I seriously can't believe I am writing the blog with this tittle :D though i am sure it would be short of any "Explicit Content" !!!

For all those who expect this particular blog to be full of "ting tong" stuff (U know what i mean ;-) ), I would like to make it clear that neither did i make out with some one nor I spent last night at pub/disc/bar or else dream about some one;but ya something interesting happened, i had mood swings !!!

I came back from my office @ my regular time around 7:00 PM or so,bit tired after doing nothing much in office,had downloaded a movie couple of days back so just sat down and started with the movie "Jaane tu... yaa Jaane Na "..Since I am big fan of the work Aamir Khan does and the way he implement his ideas,I expected the movie to be fairly good. He was neither in the movie nor he was a director but this time he was a producer launching his nephew Imran Khan,but i believe it was his idea only.So the movie started with a video or rather a documentary,similar idea that he had implemented in TZP (it was in the end though) and the movie went on for 2 hrs 33 mins and i skipped my dinner :D
Now,i'm not going to narrate the story but would just add my perspective and the way i saw it.I liked the first half more the second half coz it had more lively characters with MEAOW's amazing dialogues "Fattu tu,Teri Maa,Tera Baap fattu,Tera poora khandaan and blah blah blah .....", that was awesome coz thats rare in bollywood's films.Anyways, there is one more reason why I liked the first half, the friendship between the two,the kind of chemistry they had and some how i felt I am somewhat like Ratss,non violent,good friend to have along side a gal ;-) ;little caring etc etc and even if i am not perfectly that way, i felt like being a best friend of some one like "Aditi" (Cute lil studpid daring gal) and ya "Just a friend" nothing more :D
The ending was similar to any bollywood masala movie,nothing special about it!!!!

It was around 10:30 or so by the time movie got over and was feeling very hungry,but there was nothing to eat @ my place and not even a single shop open, i had nothing to do except to surf net and read something interesting.So while surfing I came across one blog by Kanika Khurana (sorry i lost the link n couldn't find it again),she did her graduation/engg from somewhere in US,worked for sometime,did her MBA from stanford landed up into Google and still working there.Modelling was her passion and to be a Miss India International or something like that was her dream,she didn't win that competition but was able to come very near to her dream(won Miss Congeniality,Miss Best eyes etc). She is doing modelling as well as working with google.

After reading the blog,there was this question in my mind of "how much a person can achieve", "where does the inspiration comes from & etc etc" and after some thinking i realized, there is so much a person can achieve given the opportunities and resources/talent. What one needs is to put in efforts and keep working hard.After reading the blog I felt like I am so small in this world,with hardly 500 people knowing me and I still feel that I have achieved more then my parents and friends expect from me. There is so much I want to do in my life,I want to be at a position where everyone can recognize me and everyone who would have known me once can be proud of me. "Believe in youself" is the key, My parents expect me to have a safe future coz they care for me and they want me to be happy, its for me to manage my life in a way that they can be happy seeing me relaxed and comfortable with life and at the same time I need to keep working on my aspirations.

I can take any one of the path, either I can achieve what my parents and friends expect from me and be satisfied or I can work hard for my own "Expectations" which are much higher then the former one. The decision is entirely mine and I think I always choose the later option, I take my life as a challenge and do what ever it takes to come out winning !!!!

"Expectations" is a word that really confuse me at times, is it good to expect more from myself or is it good to be satisfied with what others expect from you !!!!

"Life is Endless Journey on a Pyramid where going up is always difficult and no matter how high you are,there is some one higher then you,its for us to either look Up to a few people and think that you are on the Foot of the Pyramid or look Down to far more people and think that you are on the Top"

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Smriti Srivastava said...

Hmmm...Interesting...I would add my views on the whole "Achievement" thing.

There is nothing that a human being can't achieve they say. And expectations surely never end. I think there should be a right balance of expectations that we should have from ourselves...and other's expectations should be weighed accordingly.

Lastly, achievement has a different meaning for everyone...for me real achievement doesnt come if one achieves success as defined by the society. What is real achievement, is not defined by how many people know you or what you have done. It comes when people remember your deeds before your name and the real achievement is the smile that appears on their faces by your mere thoughts.

This was just my take...nothing personal...cheers!! ;)