Saturday, July 19, 2008

18th July 2008

Let me start with my fresh memories i.e about today, it 6:30 in the evening and I am still in the office, i am supposed to leave by now but m writing this blog, it just shows how much i am in love with this blog of mine :-)
After all i am trying to built this one from last 3-4 hours..searching google for the latest templates...trying to understand some html coding though i didnt understand a word of it.Also trying to make this pic which is there at the top of this page with what ever resources I had (M S Paint only)...

Now the amazing thing is I did all this while sitting in the office while my team leader is sitting right behind my back.Its been a month since I joined this company,I am still into my training period and M busy reading other blogs and trying to make one of my own, how Strange is that :D

ooopss i forgot that I was supposed to write about "the day", the boss is not here today, he is on n off to mumbai and since these are the most relaxing days of the year with no projects n much of internal work, everyone is doing time pass bole to coffee break n gossiping.Everyone was busy with this stupid questionare where there were like 100 odd companys' logos and they were searching google to find which one belongs to which company. I really don't know why they were wasting time on that !!!!! Besides usual lunch break I was out of office for couple of times doing nothing,just coz i was bored of sitting in front of computer...

I am suppose to learn a lot in this "training period" but with such a casual environment around me,I don't know why but i'm not utilizing my time efficiently...I know the problem is mine and I have to come over it but just not excited about this work....dont know why !!!!!!

One line that I read today "The best things in life come to you when you stop looking for them"

Let me know your point of view on this !!!!!

Stay happy and Keep smiling

Enjoy and Have fun !!!!

(Written on 18th, Posted on 19th)) :D

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A learner said...

Man....u shud realise that you actually learned in your training you are cautious about wastin time...which people take ages to is the first step to success man.... keep my words for it !!

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