Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Blog !!!

Yup yup, you guessed it right, today is my Happy Birthday and officially I am 18 now :P , unofficially still 12 :)

I thought it would be just another day since I know just handful of 5-10 individuals in Hyderabad and none of them remembers my Birthday; but when one keeps his expectations low, everything that comes in the way is cherished and same has happened with me. Had i thought that I don't have anyone who would wish me by person, I would have get sad but on the other hand I expected just 2-3 calls hence every call I am getting is making me happier and even though I don't have Birthday celebration plans, I still feel very comfortable and not sad at all.

The benefits of living away from the home and friends is that they try everything to make your day special and expresses lots of love and care which always gives a good feeling, and everyone exactly did that :)

I did remove my Birthday from orkut just to make sure that everyone is not compelled to wish me and also that I don't have to treat 100's of people :P but still enough people surprised me among them were my school friends :)

The sad part is I still had to come to office and have to stay here as long as I am supposed to even though I'm just busy writing blogs. I have no plans after my office, may be just a normal dinner and more conversations with the friends who would have woke up late only to find that 21st January is about to end !!!

Thanks in advance for your wishes !!!

P.S : I am trying to update my birthday on orkut and now it is not co-operating !!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chemical Lochaa !!

When was the last time you heard the same two words and the context in which they were used !!!

I am sure you know the answer and if you don't; then leave it and continue to read :)

Anyways, what I am going to write is a long awaited post and delay got even more because I couldn't think of a simpler name for the post since the content is going to be lot more complicated and confusing.

Lets take it this way, "Chemical Locha" in some movie referred to a state of mind when Munna Bhai could see and feel "Baapu" when other were not able to and as per my learning/observations/experiences, its same with us.

Everything we feel and do is a state of our mind but we are in so deep control of our mind that we see what our mind wants us to see, we feel what we should feel, we act the way our mind wants to act be it right or wrong coz we are only told one of them by our mind.

We get sad when we fail at something, we get over excited when we achieve something, why don't we accept failure and just argue with ourselves that we didn't deserve it !! Why is it that exams are always taken as a difficult part ? We want to sleep till late because its a chilly morning, we want to stay awake late coz we want to celebrate new year at 12, is chilly morning on 31st December colder then night of the same day ??

Other side of chemical locha is that,most of us underestimate ourselves and we give up before trying our best for it and more or less the reason is "fear of loosing", a preoccupied state of our mind. Why do we always pursue things which we feel we would be good at, why don't we do pursue something which we don't have any idea about, coz if we are good we would be good at everything, why do we believe that we can't be better then the people we admire or the great people we look up to. No one is born genius; everyone learns, acquires and develops skills, why can't each one us give a try to be better then the best rather then giving up at the very start.

The last form of Chemical Locha is fairly complicated and I am sure most of you would disagree but since Controversy exists every where so let it be here too

We do believe that some individuals have higher mental strength / toughness then others and what we refer here is the strength to control our temptations or to over come our addictions and also at times the strength one needs to survive in tough painful times , but does this strength also come into picture when we talk of human emotions, isn't a girl's insecurity or a guy's urge for sex a state of mind and can be controlled ? I personally believe that the emotional imbalance that co-exists in our day to day life is nothing but a subconscious state of mind coz we know what's right for us yet we act the way we are supposed to.... the question is why and answer is yet to be discovered !!!

P.S : I am having free time in office and the tradition to blog from office continues :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Facts !!!

What I am about to write is a random observation of mine and not directed to any single person, so don't get offended by anything.

Secondly, I need a help from any fellow blogger because I always have so many topics to write on and as soon as I sit to write, its all blank. Can any one help , suggest some better way ?

Now, as the topic suggests this is about some arbit and stupid facts/observations which I have noticed in past 4-5 years :-

1 - A girl always like to have a female pet be it a dog,cat,parrot etc --- Don't know why ??

2 - "A lot can happen over a cup of coffee" -- tag line of Cafe Coffee Day !!

3 - Every employed person is unhappy with the job no matter how high paying it is, yet no one quits a job for nothing

4 - Happiness is not an Explicit function,it is a function of a function with happiness as an independent variable

5 - Intelligence is a inherited character and is not a function of college or a field of study

6 - Human mind never argues with itself, it only convinces where as it always argues with others and doesn't convince -- Conclusion : Every one has a hypocrite with in them !!!

7 - We make our own rules, we break them for our own reason and still blame others !!!

8 - If all men are dogs then all girls are bitches !!!

9 - All girls are the same and same goes for the boys !!!

10 - "Future Perfect tense" and "Present continuous tense" can never go side by side !!!

P.S : Some of the facts are too complicated to understand so please don't get into the roots of the origin of these facts !!! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Nappy Yew Hear - 2009

After writing the previous post, I set down again and wanted to write something more about 2008 but then didn't..reason..well I checked out almost all the blogs I have on my page & found one thing in common, everyone had written one blog in last one week and I didn't want to break the rules so I restricted myself to one for the week only :D

And yesterday while I was getting bored at home, I read some of the blogs and figured out that most of us are too excited to write on the 1st Jan , don't know why !!! May be because we believe what ever we do on first day of the year is carried to everyday for the rest of year and may be that's why I didn't write coz I expect everyday for the rest of the year to be different for me :D

Lets cut the crap and wish you a very happy and a prosperous new year, I hope you had a fantastic first day of the year and already making plans for rest of the year but case was not the same with me. I didn't do much except surfing through you tube, playing games, reading any arbit stuff and more importantly spent a significant amount of time to personalize my blog yet again and hopefully a new and a improved blog (looks wise) would be out in next couple of days :-)

Once that is done, I am sure I would write more meaningful blogs than this !!!

Wish you all a very happy new year once again and best wishes for the future !!!

P.S : My manager asked my to change my habit of leaving "!!!" at the end of sentences :)