Monday, July 21, 2008

Narcissist Speaks !!!!

Time around 3:30 in the afternoon.... Date : Around 30th Sept 2007....Venue : Some seat of IIT Delhi Library , See how accurately i remember everything :-)

Me and one of my good friend whom i shall call Maggie, were "Trying" to study and me disturbing her with my philosophy of life and blabbering about myself which gets irritating after a certain time,so out of shear frustration she speaks up "Chup Kar Narcissist" and trust me ...i gave her those weird looks since i didn't know what narcissist mean,so the first thing i ask her is the meaning and she started laughing !!! And since den she calls me "A Narcissist" ...that's how i got this weird tittle !!!! I tried to convince her that i'm not a narcissist,its just that i love myself and know myself better :-) but it didn't work out.

Though its little weird "title" yet some how I like it coz it gives me a freedom to speak about myself.So instead of wasting much of time and energy,let me get to the point :D

I am highly energetic person and My work comes prior to me,work bole to chatting,studying,games,movies,downloading,helping others etc etc.So i do stay awake till late and still manage to wake up early in the morning.I did that consistently while I was in college. I believe i'm a positive thinker and helping others comes naturally to me (Thanks to my mom for this),very good @ motivating others when they are down n out and trust me it gives the most happy feeling when someone says "thanks for being there". Being that sort of person helped me to make lots of friends who used to call me up in the middle of night and talk about their fights with bf/gf , about their exams and tensions in their mind and some how i used to calm then down with my stupid sense of humour which was nothing but using their own words with a different ascent or rather taking the literal meaning of the words or using an alternative idea of some arbit Flirting n stuff :D and don't know y i was tagged as "A Flirt" though i used/use this for their own good adulterated with some jokes n leg pulling.

Coming back to myself,since i am an aquarious so by default I am "Career oriented" though i hardly cared about it till i was 17.Discovered about my intellectual mind later on and have been doing fairly good since then.A bit emotional from inside and very few people in this world get to see that side of me.Ooppss i forgot the most important thing, I am honest and truthful hence everything written till now is correct to my knowledge and can be verified by any means/sources or by person !!!!

Thats it for now....Narcissist would speak more,some other day :-)

P.S :- "friend(s)" word used in the blog refers to people mostly from cyberworld

Note : A recent self constructed line that kinda suit me : I am sure no one has a crush on me coz as long as i remember,people only fall in love with me ;-)

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PaRtH said...

u know wat....this guy (Ashish) just rocks n dat coz of d last para....dat he is honest..I dont know frm where dis came to him!!!!:D
dat BF/GF line is awesome dude as its true....are maine bhi to pucha tha apse!!!!!!!!
neways...hats off to u yaar........

shikha said...

Trust me.. dis guy cn creep into anybdy's heart in just one conversation..maybe dats why he s known as Flirt..!!
Thanks fr being der dear...

Ashish Surana said...

@ Parth

I guess u got a new name for me now except IITian :D

thanks and keep commenting !!!

Smriti Srivastava said...

now....this is what gives me more info about you...some of them i figured out...

To be are the first Narcissist I enjoyed talking to...usually dont like people like that...but thanks to you, I'm getting used to it :P


Ashish Surana said...

==@ Smriti

See, I am again an exception :D

phew....i cant even remember now how many times I am being labeled as "zara hatke" !!! :D