Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Philosophy of Inspiration"

I read the following article some where and felt like sharing it on my blog, if you can read the following text at one go with out getting bored, i am sure you have something in yourself that this blog talks about...!!!! All The Best and Enjoy :-)

Inspirational Life Quote

Those who are gifted with the power of inspirational thought get it from within themselves but it does not happen by accident. There is a method and a means to achieving this energy that can be had by anyone, no matter who you are. The power of inspirational thought comes from inside of each person no matter what their age, race, gender or personality type. All that is required is a determination to sit still and look deep inside yourself.

When most people decide to sit still and close their eyes, they see a series of thoughts and emotions flashing past their minds eye that seems virtually uncontrollable. Various ideas and thoughts may pop into your head which have absolutely no meaning and yet, you cannot stop the mind from running endlessly. As you continue to sit still and watch your thoughts and emotions, you will tend to lose track of what you are doing and get lost in your thoughts and feelings. If you manage to pay attention and watch yourself for a short period of time, you will see that you have very little control over what goes through your mind and when. Very few people can stand to sit still for very long and practice this. They tend to get bored or anxious or uncomfortable and they quickly open their eyes and go find something else to do. Why can not we sit still? What is bothering us so much that we always have to be moving around doing something each moment? DO we need more money? Do we need to talk to someone? Are we lonely or needing some form of entertainment every moment to keep ourselves happy? Very few people can actually stand to sit still with themselves and be contented. In fact, this power is something that many spiritual students strive for each day and is the source of everything that is inspirational in the world.

Inspiration to do great things comes from within but few people are actually capable of looking within themselves for any significant amount of time. Their attention is always thrown by one thought or another and they are back to doing the same old things that they have always done their entire life. If you are able to discipline yourself, however, to learn to sit still and to watch your thoughts and emotions as they pass by your minds eye, you will eventually become familiar with something very powerful deep within yourself. The energy of observation is a consciousness that exists inside of you and is actually the source of all your happiness and sadness, your joy and your anger, your fears and desires. It is the underlying source of everything you have ever experienced and it is an infinite energy which creates all the inspirational thoughts of the world.

As you devote yourself to practicing this new game, try to notice all the times when you feel like getting up and stopping this practice. Watch how your mind kicks and fights to gain control of you and to stop you from learning to be content with who you already are. Your ego does not want you to sit still and it will throw up every fear and rationalization it can invent just to get you out of your chair and back out into the rat race that you call "life". The real inspirational thoughts are the ones that come from deep inside your soul and can only be found through a lot of "soul searching". Search inside yourself each day for a certain amount of time and do not let your mind shake you from this task no matter what it may tell you is more important than this. Searching your soul is the most important thing you could ever decide to do but also the most challenging as well. Devote yourself to win at this game and you will soon discover an inspirational energy inside of you that you never knew existed. You will become one of the people who can deliver the inspirational thoughts that you have always hoped to find in other people.

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