Sunday, November 6, 2011

One year hence.....Part 2

I have been visiting my blog regularly but never felt like writing one for various reasons. Tonight, i have the time and a right frame of mind to complete this blog. So here it goes....
Sept 2, 2010, the date when i left the city which i didn't really like and moved to a homely environment with the dude around all the time. I witnessed what i always wished, seeing him learn everything..... from speaking, crawling, standing, eating etc etc. On the other hand, I was running out of time coz I was jobless and surely, it isn't the best feeling as you have been habitual to a routine & keeping yourself occupied. The "khali dimag" gives you a lot of doubts about yourself and your future. The various things that can possibly go wrong and the questions you may be asked...!!

Anyway, at the back of my mind, i knew that i am moving on to put more efforts and not here to give up. So the success is inevitable, it may just take a bit of time. So I had plans and a fair idea of what i wanted to do in the free days. Looking for a better job was one, studying was second and visiting my native place & staying there for a period of 2 weeks or more was the third one. The whole September went in all form of interviews, multiple interviews happening on a single day etc etc..i am sure i don't have the most attractive resume but i broke the code of appearing on the top of the list in search results for various job portals leading to the interview calls.

Of all the interviews that happened, the one i got through was the one where i got the feeling of getting through within the first 10 mins of 1/5 round of interviews. Something that helped me understand the meaning of intuition, destiny or get a different feeling from the start that you would succeed. I finally got the final offer on 29th Sept and to my destiny or was again in the same city of Hyderabad, which meant that I would have to set up all the things again, at the very same place which I didn't like much. The good thing about the offer was I had asked a joining post Diwali which ensured that i have one & half month long break and a new life awaiting on the other side of it.

All the self doubts, fear and insecurity turned into a joyous feeling and a belief that everything happens for good.  I started to feel a bit more confident and a lot more positive ...and that's what a sense of achievement or success does to you. The next one month passed with a lot of thinking & planning on what to do from here.  The mistakes & things that led to negativism shouldn't be repeated and do whatever it takes to keep myself motivated & positive. The role, I was offered wasn't the most ideal one, but i decide that i would get the best of it, learn and develop skills that i want to and explore all the opportunities. Additionally, keep a balanced life and at least have sometime for everything otherwise it would make me feel stuck again

The next 45 holidays were not as stressful as the last 29 days, however i was still getting calls and getting interviewed. I moved to my native place with my parents for next one month or so and interviews kept following me. One fine day, i got another offer and now the confusion was which one to join. The second offer wasn't the attractive one in terms of compensation but was in Gurgaon and might require me to work from UK for a span of up to 2 years. The point was they asked me join in such a hurry that i sensed something is wrong. With the help of IIT network, i did find out that they do it with each person they hire even if there isn't any work. I told them that i would join on so & so date but i didn't. 

Anyway, i spent a much needed time with my parents. The longest i have had in past 4 years and observed the changes in their lives and expectations from us as children. How much they have compromised & sacrificed to put me in a position that I could give a decent enough job for nothing. The whole month gave me enough energy & motivation to set my priorities straight and head out to achieve what i want to... staying with in my limitations & moral responsibility. 

2 weeks later...14th Nov 2010, i moved back to Hyderabad to a different organization with different expectations and much more people in the surroundings. A different brand, culture & environment all together and hence i had to be different from what I was, so i changed my approach...a bit more aggressive..a bit more professional & a lot more smart in dealing with people.

Just like any other year....a lot has happened since 15th Nov 2010 to 6th Nov 2011. .. will blog about it and rest of the ideas if and when the time permits.