Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tag # 1

This is my first tagged post and I don't know what am I supposed to write. Anyways Sakshi tagged me here in her one of the post and since I don't have any girl friend, the kind of narcissistic person I am,I would strictly try to keep this tag to myself and as funny as possible :

All you have to do, is write down something significant about yourself next to each number one to ten.

1 -- No of times i have been tagged till now and this is the only one :)
One is also the no. of college i have studied in - IIT Delhi :)

2 -- Number of blogs I write (other being less frequent)

3 -- No of broken bones I had till now (Right hand,Left hand's ring finger,left ankle)

4 -- Number of memorable years @ IIT D

5 -- Number of times i have drunk beer :)

6 -- Number of guy in my friend circle in school as well as college (never had any girl around :P )

7 -- My lucky no. !! Its attached to almost everything in my life.

8 -- Number of grueling semesters at IIT, where exams used to visit us thrice in every semester

9 -- Number of blogs I am following anonymously :)

10 -- Number of digits in my mobile no. :D

Finalllyyy i have completed the tag and it took a lot of hard work to think about all the above points.

Now I am forwarding the tag to Smriti, Akansha,Hadez,Dev D & Yamini

P.S : This was a tough one, kindly tag me simpler ones from now :)

I have been quite busy with the work hence couldn't write, I do read the blogs so keep blogging :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Love

Just realized that I'm in love with Shreya Ghosal's voice :)

Listening some sweet songs ..even in office

..suggest some if you know !!!