Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Narcissist Speaks Again...!!!!

I read my Previous blog and realized how little did i write about myself :D So here i go again....

I am a fairly independent self sufficient person who manages everything he needs to,in other words i am aware of my things/work and responsible towards them.I have always been this way from my very schools days and continued to be same during my college time.I don't hesitate to ask for help for the things out of my reach but if there is something i can do then i would give my 100%

I am an addiction and talking to me can be addictive @ times coz i have the patience to tolerate/listen all the crap and at the same time can give some practical advices. There is something which people find interesting about me,may be my attitude,my talks,my sense of humour or may be my philosophy for life !!!

I am indeed cute and innocent both by luks n by my talks so can get into gal's heart very easily ;-) Testimonials on my orkut account are just a small proof for that !!!

ohh i forgot something more,I am little intelligent and very sharp in my thinking,wiser then you can think of and mature then any one can make out from my voice.

I would close this blog by mentioning some of the best compliments i received from my friends and some strangers !!!

1) I am a very good person by heart
2) A very sweet guy, with a very strong will power
3) A friend u can trust and back up on
4) My online brother,Immensefully passionate
5) Never tries to be some1 hez not, Alvez his original self wid no artificial faces
6) Strong headed, determined, caring, loving, bindaas, sweet..has gr8 sense of humour and a really cute smile
7) Knows the rules of the big game n knows xactly how 2 achieve his goals
8) Great to chat with,as u wil never get bored,Guy got a life in him

Stay Happy n Keep Smiling !!!!

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shikha said...

the list f compliments is actually true..!! n hey hey..d folowin ws writen by me..u cheater..lolzz..
" Strong headed, determined, caring, loving, bindaas, sweet..has gr8 sense of humour and a really cute smile "

Keep rockin dear 'Narscisst' !!

Smriti Srivastava said...

Now THIS is the more Narcissistic post of the N-series :P

Phew...you DO love yourself, dont you? :D But I've just known you for a day and I think you are a nice person


Ashish Surana said...

==@ Shikha

Ya, it was your line only :D and i think i deserved that :P

==@ Smriti

I can write more N series post the # of models of nokia :P

and ya,i do love myself,no one has a doubt abt it :D

Thanks for another short n sweet compliment :P

Diva said...

Ever thought about writing down your negatives and working on them????
The first one should be to stop self-dabba(i think tats what this post will be called in typical hyderabadi slang)!!! :P

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Diva

I wish I could write something on my negatives coz i dont think i have any :D

BTW...I think hyderabad is a city of "Nawabs" and that slang doesn't suit it!!! :P