Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Parents !!!!

Yeah yeah I am writing this one, and its going to be a very senti one,atleast I want it to be that way. I wanted to write on this topic from the very day I made my first blog (which even i dont remember) but some how i was always short of words or rather there was so much to write and i just couldnt...!! Anyways..let me try now....

Its a human nature that everything which we think is ours by default, we take it for granted and it applies to most of us that we take our parents for granted. One more reason may be that we are seeing them from the day we opened our eyes and we feel they are with us for ever; so no matter what we do, they will be with us and in the process we do act the way we shouldn't. We shout at them,we hurt them, we never listen to them and we say that they dont understand us.

I still remember a story about my self, it was like 11 years ago when I was done with my 7th standard,it was my summer vacations and we went to some wedding,some where in Madhya Pradesh and since traveling by bus doesn't suit my mom, so My papa,My mummy and I were coming back by train, the place where we boarded the train had a small station and only local trains with all general boggies used to hault at the place, so we boarded the train in the night around 11 PM, the boggie was almost full with hardly any vacant seats, neither was any place on the floor. But some how we three managed to find a little space on the floor to sit through the night.(Ohh I forgot to mention that I'm a mummy's boy, being younger at the home I am close to my Mom and hence neither she could let me go with my other relatives in a bus nor i wanted to go). I still remember that for the first half an hour of the journet my Papa was all standing, mummy was sitting on the floor while i was made to sit besides another uncle in the train. As the night passed by, around 12:30 or so, I was feeling sleep and asked mummy for some water and also that i want to sleep now.I don't remember how but they asked some one on the floor to give some space to me so that I can sleep as comfortably as possible. So here I sleep on the floor of a general boggie's floor over a blanket my Mom carried, with my Mom sitting beside me in a very little space she can get. It was summer and its really hot in that part of India, so a news paper was used as an artificial fan for making me feel asleep.I dont remember when i felt asleep but i surely do remember is when I woke up in the morning,my mom was still sitting at the same place with the same news paper and on the other side of me, papa was sitting with a water bottle in hand and saw me with such a gentle smile on the face as if he had the most comfortable sleep.

I was too young to understand that because for me my sleep was the only thing I had in my mind, but when I look back now,memorizing that just one night,I cant control my emotions. This was just one of the millions of times when my parents would have considered my interest first before their own.

As a young kid, we would have asked our parents about one particular thing for hundreds of times, but now even if they ask us about something for more then 3-4 times,we feel irritated. Its so easy for us to say to our parents that they dont understand us, they dont let us do the things we want to, be it pursuing a certain career, throwing a party to friends or be it just another outing ....what we dont understand is the hundreds of sacrifices they would have made to let us reach to a point in life where we are able to speak of all this.

Its so easy for all of us to say things to them be it good or be it bad but its very difficult for us to understand their feelings when they get to hear that they dont understand us. What we also dont understand is that they care for us, everything they advice is for our good,following that advice is our choice but atleast we can listen to them in turn we react in such a strange way with so much annoying faces as if they dont know anything about this world and we are the only "wise and knowledgable bonds around".Do we ever think what would happen if our parents react the same way as we do when we speak loud at them ?? would we be able to live without that care,affection and the love??

I always ask my mom not to get tensed about me since i am staying away from home, I say many a times that i can manage my things now, and the only reply i get over and over again is "I wont understand untill I become a Parent" !!!!

I believe that our parents are far far far more valuable/important then just two persons who brought us in this world and took care of us and made us reach to a position when we can take care of them.We can never ever repay what they have done for us, we can only try to but we know it that we cant...!!!! But what we can certainly do is to make them realize that we have been brought up in the best possible way and we are proud to call them as our parents, we can certainly make sure that we dont hurt them with our words, we can have the patience to listen to them and learn from them...!!!! Now when I am in a position to, i really want to make my parents' life a heaven and it doesnt matter how much I need to work for that, i will do it...!!!!

They designed our past "completely" ;now its our turn to decide how we want to design a part of their present and future ...!!!!!

Note 1 : Word "we" is being used for general category of humans and doesn't refer to a particular group of people

Note 2 : The blog is not written to hurt anyone's emotions, and a big "Sorry" if any one is hurt by the content of blog.

Note 3 : Its never too late to ask for forgiveness from parents in case you ever hurted your parents and feeling guilty about it now.

Note 4 : The blog is not written for the sake of reading,commenting and forgetting, there is a big positive motive behind it.

P.S : Exceptions do exist, and there would still be a set of people who would take this post with negative intensions !!!! God bless them all .....

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Smriti Srivastava said...

Loved it!! Like u said, Your best blog till date.

Parents..how we take them for granted...for every lil thing... and how they do small acts in our daily life...without any reason or want of appreciation....just for the pure joy of giving...the joy of love...

It was beautiful memoir. Hope to hear more from you soon. Cheers!! :)

«« hAdez »» said...

well, that was gud, the typical u, i must say! :P

But,... its not a matter of choice for the parents to care about their 'offsprings' but their DESTINY written by the nature itslf.we, evolved aftr 10s of 1000s of years from animals(technically saying orangutans maybe) still carry their baser instincts. They give birth, raise their offsprings with as much love n affection as humans do.. n then... they are set free to continue this ever-persistent cycle of 'raising n freeing'. It ll not be very wrong if we, the intectually superior specie as we are called( though the arguemnt can be controversial at times), are acting naturally still.

The point that i want to make is that there wasnt n there wont be any space for emotions( expectations basically) in the theory of natural selection.

As a son you can act in any manner towards your parents (morally speaking u must act wisely always) but being a father you have the DUTY to raise you child with gr8 care, love n affection.

Its not easy( n will never be) but it ll b less painful if the parents don't expect much( @ least).