Tuesday, August 26, 2008

conVocAted !!!!

Continuing with this blog,after an hour of walk and with nostalgic feelings I slept around 2:30 AM with an alarm for 6:30 AM, so that I can wake up on time for the day I have been waiting for from last 5 years (1 yr prep + 4 yrs B.Tech) ,no one would have bothered to wake up so early and reach IIT D's Main building on a Saturday had it not been our Graduation Day,So I woke up and got ready as soon as possible; I thought I am doing wrong thing by wearing casuals on this day but to my surprise all (B.Tech) were just like that only !! Everyone was given an Orange gown with a blue hat , we called it Jaadu Dress , coz it was something like that only !! After an arbit photo session we moved to the ConvoCation Hall, Sat there for almost 3 hours doing nothing, just talking here and there, no one hardly listened to any speech coz we were given a written format of it, which we read as quickly as we could and used rest of time for more important things !!! (Gossiping and Sleeping) :D Yeah some of us really slept during the convocation address !!!!

One by one everyone was called by his/her name and were handed their invaluable, prestigious and well deserving degree :P Felt really touched when a handicapped guy with a walker came over to take his degree, almost everyone was giving him an applause and appreciated his determination and will. Sitting on the upper floor of the hall among rest of my friends,I was just counting minutes left before we would be called to stand in the queue and was just hoping that everything goes well and was praying for the Director who had the responsibility to shake hands and hand over around 800 Degrees,didn't wanted him to give up and say that he is too tired to give more degrees !!! Looking at the faces of the HOD's sitting there, I could only remember myself sleeping with eyes wide open in many of the lectures I had @ IIT.

After almost 2 n half hours, we were asked to proceed down and to line up for our turn.Standing in the queue I felt as if I am the captain of a sports team who just won a world cup and waiting to lift it, that was the level of excitement and emotions I was going through.I was like 70 % excited, 20 % emotional and 10% nervous, don't know why, my hand were sweating, i was thinking of how important this moment is yet we just had to control our emotions coz everyone was seeing us, I was suppose to shake hands with the director, bow towards our chief guest n just walk away !!!

And then the moment arrived, my name was called and I walked to the Director and surprisingly he said "Congratulations Ashish" and I was surprised,just for a moment I thought how does he know my name, does he really remember everyone's name or is it just mine ?? Anyways, I bowed to the chief guest and walked away,really wanted to celebrate the moment right there on the stage but couldn't, and as I thought, everyone was congratulating each other just out side the gate, everyone had a broad smile on their faces and were hugging each other, on the way back to my place I hugged everyone I could, even those who were still in the queue waiting for their turn. We reached our places and found a photographer standing there, irrespective of what was happening down there, we shouted and asked him to capture the moment with our degrees in hand, and luckily he did !!! Same process kept on going till the moment when final Undergraduate was given his degree, we were already shouting and making noises while he was on his way,the funny guy looked at us and thanked us as if we were congratulating him for his degree !! :D It was very hard to control the emotions and yeah the Hat too coz we just wanted to take it off and throw it in the air !!

After 15 mins or so our names were officially added to the book of Students who passed out from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi till date !! It was followed by National Anthem and by some Sanskrit Shloks, all the profs moved towards the exit and as soon as last one was out of our sight we did it, yeah we took off our "Jaadu Waala Hat" and threw it in the Air,we laughed, we shouted,we made lots of noise,we congratulated and hugged each other and slowly moved towards the exit !! It was all Orange outside, no parent could have sighted his son/daughter and same happened with me, I ran two complete rounds of the place before I could see my parents, though on the way I was able to get my self clicked 4-5 times in some or the other group of friends,couple of times me with my degree !! ((Snaps are still be received to be uploaded))
So finally after many many Kodak moments, we all settled and bid farewell to each other, moved with our parents or to respective homes, taking back with us the memories of "IIT Delhi's 39th Convocation" and a happy ending to the four years of Journey through ups and downs,successes and failures, hard work and commitment and ofcourse hell lot of fun !!!! What we also took with us was our very precious and well deserving Degree which tagged us as an IITian for ever !!!

Note :

1) Some feelings can't be expressed in words and I had many of those which are yet to be expressed

2) The word "Well Deserved" is not over rated and might be explained in the future !!! :D

3) Many pictures are yet to be received and would be uploaded as soon as I get them

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Smriti Srivastava said...


I really loved this blog of yours...more than any other. Even though u said that some feelings cannot be expressed, all those which u did express got a smile to my face as I read through your warm account of the convocation ceremony. I could picture everything...even the sea of Orange.. the jadoo uniforms :P

Was really nice to share ur graduation day through your words. Waiting to see more pics...

and yeah...HUGS >:D<

Smriti Srivastava said...
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Ashish Surana said...
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Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


congrats on ur graduation

i still got abt 8 months to go for mine
readin ur post was just a sudden rush of feeling wh i guess ill feel it too wn i get my degree

btw jaadu dress

btw the book 'anything for you maan' i wont have its pdf, i picked it up from new delhi railway station

Aphrodite said...

congrats...aye..and gudluck with the stuff that follows..:)

Ashish Surana said...

==>> Smriti : Thanks for the wishes smriti !!!
Would upload pictures when I get them.

==> Aditi : I am sure you would enjoy your convocation as well but for sure college life is the best, enjoy the beautiful days !!!

==> Aphrodite : Thanks and keep commenting !!!

mayuri said...

hey CONGRATULATIONS for graduating frm one of the most elite institutes of the country...Just goin thro' ur blog brought a smile to my face..loved the way u conveyed ur feelings abt college and the all imp day of ur life....keep up the good wrk..

ash89 said...

hey congratulations! nice post! lol@jaadoo uniforms :P

Ashish Surana said...

==>> Mayuri

Hey, m happy that reading my blog brings a smile on to your face :)

Guess i'm going on the right track !!

Keep checking out the space !!


Jaadu Dress was awesome :P

Keep checking out the space !!

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