Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Take : Two

Those who had read this blog of mine may or may not have been waiting for the complete discussion but last Sunday while I was wondering here and there, something clicked me which according to me is an analogy to what I believe about love :

Love is like a TV set with several channels of Care, Romance, Understanding, Support, Fights etc, but still TV is a TV you can't say set of channels as your TV similarly Love is love, you can't call all the characteristics of love as love in itself.

P.S : I am sure its bit confusing but can't help it :P

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yamini meduri said...


kya yaar.....aaj main bahut sare confusing posts pad rahin hoon?? posts confusing hain yaa meri dimag confused hain???

Sakshi said...

Very Confusing. Love is Love. Not a medicine..not a TV channel.. or a show. Its simply how you feel. And you knw, you can try really hard to explain what is love... but unless you experience it yourself... I guess... you'll be as confused.