Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not so good days

I don't why but I am forgetting my own ideologies and rules..

........feeling insecure about things which I never wanted;
........feeling frustrated about the fact that my existence / non-existence wont affect anyone, in spite of knowing that I don't compare myself or my life with anyone else;
........trying hard to keep myself busy with work & studies even though I know I enjoy the both
........I am in a process to hate people / love / relationships and I was the one telling every one that life is too short to hate anything
........the loneliness and solitude that once was a source of inspiration is killing me these days

I have 100s of reasons to make mistakes but i am still holding on to make none...!!!

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yamini meduri said...

wat happen Ashish?? anything goin wrong??? lemme know...feel free..!!!

Aditi..............:) said...

hey Ashish.....believe me phases come and go....one day you are te happiest and the other day you are depresed....it happens with everyone.....so hold on like never before.....the sun will smile at you...:)

Pretty Me!! said...

exact feelings i wanted to write today on my other blog but refrained .. and here you let them reign my already screwed mind!!

Ashish Surana said...

@ Yamini,

something happened n felt helpless but now fine thanks to some new stuff to keep me going n not letting me distract :)


Ashish Surana said...

@ Aditi

the sun could only hide for couple of days, feeling better now even though I don't why was i feeling that way.

BTW ..extended week end coming so might get something of that sort again :-|

Ashish Surana said...

@ Pretty,

thanks for stopping by and I can't agree more with your last words : "Screwed Mind"...it really is :)

workhard said...

Hey may be you need time for yourself.. take some time out..

People need that once in a while to refresh themselves

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