Saturday, February 28, 2009

Conclusion of the Day !!!

I would write in detail some time later but this is what was concluded from the discussion I had with my friends today : 

1) People fall in love more then once but only after they complete "Moving on" phase i.e the same mistake is "Committed" twice or more :P

2) Love just happens and you can't do anything about it, surprisingly most of us can't figure out when and how it happened

P.S : I strongly disagree  to the point 2 and would present my view on it in a separate post, please drop your thoughts about the same !!!

3 ₮ħōűģȟτs:

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... well point 2 is more the stuff Bollywood, and even Hollywood, for that matter, is made up of...

But anyway, I am no expert... and everybody is entitled to an opinion!

yamini meduri said...

i dont know more about the point 2...its good to hear so lets believe it...!!!

may be wen i am in love...i will be able to share more about of now...nice lines..!!!

Sandra Regina said...

Estou passando para lhe dar um abraço
Tudo muito lindo