Saturday, March 28, 2009


In continuation of the previous blog, here are some of the reactions from different IIT's students on one of this site :

  • What is most astonishing is the way the administration tried to curb the movement of the students. The internet and the LAN in the college had also been cut off. The news article presents a one sided view of the police force & the administration. -Student - IIT Kharagpur
  • This news is totally one sided. It seems that you have pictured students as some kind of criminals. The students didn`t go ballistic as first response. The protests were made when the management took the issue lightly. What exactly did you mean by ``The Director and his family members were safe`` did you think that students are gonna hurt the directer and his family. -Student - IIT Kharagpur - Kharagpur
  • Director responded pathetically to the situation.He was making fun of the situation.Institute put a lan ban on the students to prevent them from letting the world know the true news .The condition of B.C.ROY Hospital is pathetic .Last year also a student died due to negligence of the authorities.When students went to talk to the director ,he thought we just wanted a holiday .He talked in an insulting language ```I appreciate your presence and sympathize with everyone here` - director with a smile on his face.then the students protested and made him resign -Arpan Kumar De - IIT KHARAGPUR
This is a site of IIT Kgp, rather a news paper.....

Reading the article on the above site, I can just say "Fuck IIT System"

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