Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cricket !!!

Not a post that many of you would like to read but still I couldn't resist. I just saw Today's match b/w india and new zealand and there was just one thing going in my mind :

Cricket is a religion and Sachin is its God !!!

And for all those Journalists / News Makers and Critics, please don't ever doubt the guy, he is an awesome person and a 100% committed professional.

I hope I would have the same passion for my profession when I reach that level in my career.

P.S : Does any one know if the biography of sachin is available in market, if yes what is its name ?  
There is a lot I can learn from the person :) 

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yamini meduri said...

haha....there are lot many others who are more committed than Sachin in the world dear.....try n know about them..!!!

Ashish Surana said...

well may be...but i like the person :)