Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Facts !!!

What I am about to write is a random observation of mine and not directed to any single person, so don't get offended by anything.

Secondly, I need a help from any fellow blogger because I always have so many topics to write on and as soon as I sit to write, its all blank. Can any one help , suggest some better way ?

Now, as the topic suggests this is about some arbit and stupid facts/observations which I have noticed in past 4-5 years :-

1 - A girl always like to have a female pet be it a dog,cat,parrot etc --- Don't know why ??

2 - "A lot can happen over a cup of coffee" -- tag line of Cafe Coffee Day !!

3 - Every employed person is unhappy with the job no matter how high paying it is, yet no one quits a job for nothing

4 - Happiness is not an Explicit function,it is a function of a function with happiness as an independent variable

5 - Intelligence is a inherited character and is not a function of college or a field of study

6 - Human mind never argues with itself, it only convinces where as it always argues with others and doesn't convince -- Conclusion : Every one has a hypocrite with in them !!!

7 - We make our own rules, we break them for our own reason and still blame others !!!

8 - If all men are dogs then all girls are bitches !!!

9 - All girls are the same and same goes for the boys !!!

10 - "Future Perfect tense" and "Present continuous tense" can never go side by side !!!

P.S : Some of the facts are too complicated to understand so please don't get into the roots of the origin of these facts !!! :)

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Geetika said...

New template is really cool!! :)

Ashish Surana said...

its not a template, its my work n something more coming soon.

yamini meduri said...

Hello Ashish...!!!

thanks for the comment in my blog....keep visiting and have a great time in my Land of Dreams..!!!

About your is said that First Impression is the Best Impression...and your blog deserves it...!!!

You are blog rolled Ashish...Kepp the good work going friend...!!!

yamini meduri said...

nope...i am an Aquarian.....feb12

shubhra... said...

nice facts .. nd nicely the way u do it ya..

Vandita said...

loved #2, 5 and 6.
nice compilation :)