Friday, January 2, 2009

Nappy Yew Hear - 2009

After writing the previous post, I set down again and wanted to write something more about 2008 but then didn't..reason..well I checked out almost all the blogs I have on my page & found one thing in common, everyone had written one blog in last one week and I didn't want to break the rules so I restricted myself to one for the week only :D

And yesterday while I was getting bored at home, I read some of the blogs and figured out that most of us are too excited to write on the 1st Jan , don't know why !!! May be because we believe what ever we do on first day of the year is carried to everyday for the rest of year and may be that's why I didn't write coz I expect everyday for the rest of the year to be different for me :D

Lets cut the crap and wish you a very happy and a prosperous new year, I hope you had a fantastic first day of the year and already making plans for rest of the year but case was not the same with me. I didn't do much except surfing through you tube, playing games, reading any arbit stuff and more importantly spent a significant amount of time to personalize my blog yet again and hopefully a new and a improved blog (looks wise) would be out in next couple of days :-)

Once that is done, I am sure I would write more meaningful blogs than this !!!

Wish you all a very happy new year once again and best wishes for the future !!!

P.S : My manager asked my to change my habit of leaving "!!!" at the end of sentences :)

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mostlybhu said...

Nappy Yew Hear - 2009.. thats meaningful!!
wish you a different and happy new year.

shubhra... said... again we share some common thoughts lolz...
hope to c a real nice time ahead wid some better things to hear n see on our television screens :)
all the best