Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Blog !!!

Yup yup, you guessed it right, today is my Happy Birthday and officially I am 18 now :P , unofficially still 12 :)

I thought it would be just another day since I know just handful of 5-10 individuals in Hyderabad and none of them remembers my Birthday; but when one keeps his expectations low, everything that comes in the way is cherished and same has happened with me. Had i thought that I don't have anyone who would wish me by person, I would have get sad but on the other hand I expected just 2-3 calls hence every call I am getting is making me happier and even though I don't have Birthday celebration plans, I still feel very comfortable and not sad at all.

The benefits of living away from the home and friends is that they try everything to make your day special and expresses lots of love and care which always gives a good feeling, and everyone exactly did that :)

I did remove my Birthday from orkut just to make sure that everyone is not compelled to wish me and also that I don't have to treat 100's of people :P but still enough people surprised me among them were my school friends :)

The sad part is I still had to come to office and have to stay here as long as I am supposed to even though I'm just busy writing blogs. I have no plans after my office, may be just a normal dinner and more conversations with the friends who would have woke up late only to find that 21st January is about to end !!!

Thanks in advance for your wishes !!!

P.S : I am trying to update my birthday on orkut and now it is not co-operating !!!

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Geetika said...

Happy birthday!!
Hope u hv a gr8 day!! njoyy.

yamini meduri said...

happy birthday dear...!!!!
may all the good wishes be with you...!!!

shubhra... said...

b'lated happy birthday :) though i wished u on d same day bt still glad u had a really nice day :) hv fun n stay happy

Vandita said...

belated happy birthday...
i took note, will remember next yr :)