Monday, January 12, 2009

Chemical Lochaa !!

When was the last time you heard the same two words and the context in which they were used !!!

I am sure you know the answer and if you don't; then leave it and continue to read :)

Anyways, what I am going to write is a long awaited post and delay got even more because I couldn't think of a simpler name for the post since the content is going to be lot more complicated and confusing.

Lets take it this way, "Chemical Locha" in some movie referred to a state of mind when Munna Bhai could see and feel "Baapu" when other were not able to and as per my learning/observations/experiences, its same with us.

Everything we feel and do is a state of our mind but we are in so deep control of our mind that we see what our mind wants us to see, we feel what we should feel, we act the way our mind wants to act be it right or wrong coz we are only told one of them by our mind.

We get sad when we fail at something, we get over excited when we achieve something, why don't we accept failure and just argue with ourselves that we didn't deserve it !! Why is it that exams are always taken as a difficult part ? We want to sleep till late because its a chilly morning, we want to stay awake late coz we want to celebrate new year at 12, is chilly morning on 31st December colder then night of the same day ??

Other side of chemical locha is that,most of us underestimate ourselves and we give up before trying our best for it and more or less the reason is "fear of loosing", a preoccupied state of our mind. Why do we always pursue things which we feel we would be good at, why don't we do pursue something which we don't have any idea about, coz if we are good we would be good at everything, why do we believe that we can't be better then the people we admire or the great people we look up to. No one is born genius; everyone learns, acquires and develops skills, why can't each one us give a try to be better then the best rather then giving up at the very start.

The last form of Chemical Locha is fairly complicated and I am sure most of you would disagree but since Controversy exists every where so let it be here too

We do believe that some individuals have higher mental strength / toughness then others and what we refer here is the strength to control our temptations or to over come our addictions and also at times the strength one needs to survive in tough painful times , but does this strength also come into picture when we talk of human emotions, isn't a girl's insecurity or a guy's urge for sex a state of mind and can be controlled ? I personally believe that the emotional imbalance that co-exists in our day to day life is nothing but a subconscious state of mind coz we know what's right for us yet we act the way we are supposed to.... the question is why and answer is yet to be discovered !!!

P.S : I am having free time in office and the tradition to blog from office continues :)