Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holidays :)

This is my second post from my one n only electronic gadget, my dear black berry which happens to be my very good friend coz it keeps me connected with every1 n everywhere !! The reason I have to post via this is coz I have been kept very busy all this while, lots of work n lots of tiredness and inspite of numerous attempts I cudnt complete my previous posts, and now finally I am writing,sitting at secndrabad station with my train to home in just abount an hour :)

So for the next one week, precisely till 9th of sept I would be away from the blog world and let's hope that I would catch up, once I come back from home !!!

Sorry to all the handful readers of my blog, I ws very busy with my office work and studies !! Will try to be more frequent with my interesting posts :D

One more news, I have not yet started with my fiction blog coz I couldn't personalize the theme n looks of the blog (I understood quite a bit of html n xtml) would do that after I spent some time for it. For the mean while I have started another blog 'the-x-effect' which is about the witty, inspirational, humours and self constructed one liners !! I would try to keep it that way but still I would be very happy to share it with other bloggers, who would add up their spicy n natural thoughts !! So all those who wanna be part of it in every sense, please leave a comment, I would give you the access or whatever it is known as.

P.S : leave comments good or bad coz it helps me to improve and also keeps me going !!

P.S 2 : black berry services doesn't work while roaming :( !!!

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Vandita said...

happy holidays ashish... enjoy ur stay at home :)
as for the one liners ... kabhi kabhi aate hain, i'll let u know when something strikes!

Geetika said...

9th of sept nahin october :P
nyways have fun n enjoy ur holidays!!

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Vandita

Thanks !! I am back from home now and lets hope that i would be more frequent with my posts..!! and do let me know if you want to be a co-author of the blog.

==@ thanks geetika for ur correction :P

holidays over , now back to work