Friday, September 5, 2008

What An Idea !!! ;)

Its been over a week since I wrote my last blog and over 50 days I have been a part of this blogger's community and all this while I have came across many many blogs, most of them are like daily diaries where people write about their lives and things happening around with them or with their friends.For them blogging is a mode of sharing things and their take on everything.

Some of the blogs are poetic, with hindi and english Poems and Short notes written in the most beautiful language or rather they are "Beautifully expressed thoughts" or "Smoothly written emotions" !!!

Some of the blogs are out of "shear frustration with life", full of negative emotions and hatred and some how found the same bloggers commenting on the blogs that describes life as a "A Beautiful Gift by god", can't really think if they are confused or just pretend to be that way !!! It only adds up to me belief that "People don't Change, only Circumstances Do"

Some interesting blogs are about "Life and Its Philosophy", many of these blogs talk about "Ideal" things in life, they talk about "can and should" which is far different from "is, was and will", it does leave with an effect on us, similar to "A Mouth Freshner after a bottle of beer" which smells good; as long as we can control our desire to get hold of another one.

Some blogs with a high amount of traffic concentrates primarily on "the spicy stuff" , about a girl and her relationship, or may be a girl busy with blind dates or just a "Conspiratorial Topic" which leads to lots of questions and confusion in everyone's mind.

Whats strange is that Very few blogs are fictions, Strange coz except me I don't know any one who likes to read and don't read fiction (in real not on blog) and yet there is so scarcity of fiction blogs. Don't know why I read one of those fiction blogs and fell in love with that, primarily coz it was a very realistic soft story and being emotional myself it touched my heart. .So while reading all these blogs and specially that fiction one, two things came into my mind :-

1) Should I try to write some fiction !!!
2) If I am able to write one,What shall be the main theme of the blog, that can be interesting and at the same time can continue with my objective of sharing my learning through life !!! or in short,It must fulfill my Aim with out using "Can and Should" words.

One more thing which was at the back of my mind was the absence of any blog on Guy's take on Dating/Blind Dating with girls. Come on, we all know that if a girl is dating there has to be a guy too, if girls can write about their experiences why isn't there any guy who shares similar things, may be we guys are too shy to share it with our counter parts or may be we are too interested to gain undeserving respect/compliment rather then an honest criticism !! (Guys do share these things with themselves)

Anyways, as it happens with every idea, it happened with this one too, I was sitting in a private place concentrating on just one thing and suddenly I felt, I Got it !! 100s of questions and thoughts started to stimulate my brain simultaneously, and I am still confused if I can write some fiction or not. So here I am looking for some suggestions / ideas for two things :-

--> Would it be interesting if I write some fiction about a guy's take on dating with number of girls??
-- >What shall be the name of the blog ? Coz I can think of only one title [ Ab Tak Chappan (56) ]

So please drop in some comments about your take on my idea !!!

Note : The pic has nothing to do with me !!!! Its here coz I liked it and it brought big smile to my face !!!!

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Geetika said...

No there are many posts on fiction you can find but usually most of the bloggers write all sort of posts so may be a better idea would be to search posts tagged as fiction on a blog!
And of course you can try ur hand on fiction as well ;)
You don't really need different blogs. May be you can keep on adding posts with tags on this one only!
One more thing it be a gud idea to write some fiction about a guy's take on dating with number of girls? Let's witness some fiction from a guy's point of view. :D

Ashish Surana said...

==>> I will try bt on a different blog, looking for a one great theme again :D

Thanks for appreciating the idea bt do need sm more entries n sm help/guidelines/advices !!!

keep checking out the space !!!

«« hAdez »» said...

Shit happens... daily! ;)

Ashish Surana said...


:( :( :( Sudhar jaaaa !!!!!!!!!

Indianblogger said...

There are many blogs in this genre of fiction. Its rather boring unless its written aesthetically. Check out these:

etc. Come up with something which has an inverted view, like kay kay in ugli aur pagli or Mel Gibson in What women want.

Anonymous said...

Try fiction, it'll be fun :)

Arjun said...

Dude.. this is your castle.. to build and to burn!!

We can all come up with stuff in our heads and some of us will actually give you some advice too.

I prefer to say do your on thing and let it evolve.... just like a child... it's not gonna be potty trained on day 1. I look back at my blog - when I started in Feb 05... and whammm - it's so changed now.. more evolved as I'd like to put it.


Keshi said...

I so agree with Arjun. Eventually wut matters is how YOU want to do it :)

Good luck!


SMM said...

Dude I totally agree. Write whatever you want direct dil se - don't write cuz someone has asked you to wrie. I write when I want to rite, not cuz I have to write. I don't post everyday and there are times when I don't post for a whole week, and then again there are times when I put up 4-5 posts in one week itself. There are no rules dude. This is your empire. Do as you please.

Akansha Agrawal said...

hey! fiction writing is something even I do... though not too often! But there's a blog out here, where a lot of writers meet, and share fiction, you can check it

Thanks fr dropping by on my blog btw... :) Keep coming!