Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Theories - Part I

Its been quite a bit of time since I wrote my previous post, and all this while I had so many things to write; actually there are 4-5 posts waiting in the "Edit Posts" section to be completed !!! Lets hope I would complete those soon....

As the title suggest the post is about some "Arbit" theories that I have discovered/framed in last 2 years or so....

Theory of Probability of life : "Death" is the only thing in the future we are sure about hence in Mathematical terms the Probability of Dying is = 1 (Max Value), yet in our whole life we escape "Death" millions of times which implies that Probability of Dying = 0 (Zero) (1/1000000 ~ 0)

Hence the best thing we can do is "
Live Ever Moment of Life"

Theory of Relativity : I am neither an Albert Einstein nor I'm fond of Physics, my theory is far far from physics and science. Anyways, my theory states that "Every adjective which is subjective is relative in nature" i.e Everything we feel or say is relative though we assume it to be absolute. We call something good coz there exists something which is Bad,the same is the case with love and hatred, also with intelligent and ignorant. The statement can further be concluded that everything we say is in comparison to someone else.

Theory of Mistakes v 1.0 : Its a well known fact that we all make mistakes and lot many great people have advised us to learn from the mistakes because the more we learn the more knowledgeable we get, the more knowledgeable we get the successful we become. What it also mean is, successful people make lots of mistakes, so if you thinking of becoming successful, make lots of mistakes and if you wish to be successful always, only make mistakes :)

4) Theory of Mistakes v 1.1 : The modified version of the above theory states that "learn from the other people's mistakes", the more we get to know about other's mistakes; less would be the probability that we repeat the same mistake; in other words the more we get to know "what not to do" and hence we understand what need to be done.

"There is more to learn more failures than success"

Last but not the least

5) Theory of Conspiracy : Everything being said for or against a gal is a "Conspiracy" because there are believers and disbelievers !!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(More theories would be updated soon, keep checking out the space)

Note : Sample Post on my "Test Blog" has got a comment too, didn't ever expected that !!!

PS : Above theories are 100 % subjected to improve with time !!

Recent news : My blog and my writing has been liked by most of the readers who know me in real and I hope they all have been honest with me .

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Tarun Varshney said...

wow man.. mast theories !

«« hAdez »» said...


1. Who gets to decide if the event was an escape from death or just your assumption of it. If u 've escaped death probably you 've mistaken the authority of 'the death'

2.Concept of relativity is assumed to hide the fact of absolutevity. u can think of it as the defense mechanism humans adopt against emotional damage. I mean its beter to assume you r worse than considering urself the worst.

3.Mistakes if teach you lessons, will reduce in quantity. So, the time rate of change of mistakes should reduce wrt time. So, it shouldnt be directly proportional to success but i think its exponential (or maybe logarithm) should be.

4. For the time being, no comments on girls :P

Vandita said...

just dropped by to say that im blogrolling u :)

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Hitman
Thank you dude !! My theories are as mast as your photoshop skills ;)

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Hadez

1) I wrote the post as a survivor coz I'm and hence I don't think there is anything I ASSUMED.Anyways I don't have any idea about the authorities of death may you have "Mr God of Hell" :P

2)Then think of worst that you don't have any views about theory of relativity :P coz I am seeing your comment as a defense mechanism against emotional damage you have encountered.

3) I dont have any mathematical function representing Mistakes vs Success, I didn't do research on that. But your hypothesis is also wrong,it cant be exponential since exponential function doesn't have any real root, it just approaches "zero" never reach there.

4)You are also a victim of the Conspiracy theory !!!

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Vandita

Thankoooo for blogrolling me !!

I hope you will visit the place in future !!

Solitaire said...

Please mathematically blog na likho. Non-technical fields waalo ko samajhne mein time lagta hai.

Ashish Surana said...

==@ solitare

Lolzz...sorry galti ho gayi :D

Waise there are many other which u can read and comment on ;)

Echo said...

dude..very very original!!
i never put so much of thot into my posts!great template n great blog!

Ashish Surana said...


Thanks echo :)

appreciate ur comment !!