Friday, October 10, 2008

Updates !!!

Hey folks,

I am back from my 9 days of holidays and it doesn't feel nice to back coz i would have to wake up on time n go to office and work hard there like i am doing now :P

Anyways this is what happening in last 10 days :-

1) A tiring journey along with an excitement to be home, ate and slept a lot but it hardly made any difference to my health. Had a relaxing week after quite a bit of time.

2) Feels nice that I am earning, feels much better when others say it :D and feels best that I can buy things for my parents and cousins and don't need to give a second thought about it :)

3) Missed blogging, specially my habit of reading blogs whenever i used to get time. One good news was that my black berry services were working on roaming, so i could chat and do some surfing if I am getting bored.

4) Made friendship with one of the cutest girl i ever saw, would upload her pic very soon ;) she was indeed cute, just like me :D

5) Used to check out my blog once in a day to find out if any one has dropped any comment wishing to be a co-author of my other blog.

Things I need to do in next one week :-

1- Meeting two of my school friends over the week end after 2-3 years, so lots of things to talk about then.

2- Some blogs are still pending :( , need to sort out the blog rolled list of my blog , need to improve the back ground and design of both the blogs, at the same time keep posting :D

3- Study as much as I can, coz I need to improve with my time management for CAT-08 and at the same time, need to work harder at office for the renewal season.


Thats all for now, will try to be more frequent from now on !!

Request : Please do check out the other blog and leave your comments, good or bad !!

PS : I recently discovered that I have a habit of leaving exclamation marks at the end of each line !!! :P

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Geetika said...

Oh!! Someone is on progress ;)
Who is this cutest girl? ;)
By the way I never knew u r looking for a co-author for ur other blog :O

Vandita said...

listy person , i guess ive found another one like me ... hehe :)

Aphrodite said...

eventfull days...good luck with the girl :)

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Geetika

Progress going on ;)

Cutest girl was a 4 yr old kid :D

And i'm looking for coauthor coz thats a nice idea and wanna share it with others !!

Ashish Surana said...


hehe...gud for us.lets hope we gonno learn something from each other !!!

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Aphrodite

The girl was a 4 year old cutie kid :D ..lolzz

Geetika said...

I want to join in then!
Provided you don't mind!

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Geetika

You need to provide me with your mail id !! mail me ur id in case u are too shy too disclose it publically :D

Echo said...

awesome blog dude!i dunr em if i have been here be4..but i m def blogrolling u..great template..written in a style i luv n myself write dil se!

ash89 said...

aha... uve been busy having fun! ;)