Friday, October 24, 2008

Worker's Compensation !!!

I am sure title of the post wont make any sense till now, coz it is not making any sense to me while I am writing this post. I am currently in my office, got two free hours after 2-3 weeks of hectic work and thats the reason I didn't write any post, though as always I felt like writing so many things but blogging never became first priority in these two weeks.

I haven't mentioned it anywhere on this blog but i'm currently working as a Catastrophic Risk Modeling Analyst in one of the many reinsurance companies around the world, I wont go into detail of my work profile or something but while I was working on my Cedants from last two weeks, one of my colleagues was working on some other which was "Abbreviated" as Worker's Compensation"... what it means is we make a valuation of human life. Sounds disgusting but thats the way it goes, we have always been taught that Human life is precious and there is no monetary value for; it but in this era of globalization even human life is meant for business. Softwares are there which calculate the losses that would occur in terms of human lives which are then multiplied by the value of each human life and the resulting number is meant for business.

I felt bad/awakward/weird knowing how can the valuation of life be made so simple, in just 1000's of dollars. Won't it be a better idea to spend 1000's of dollars in ensuring safety rather then making sure that a person gets a "compensation" after he/she is no more existing in the real world.

P.S : kindly have some patience,my blog would have more frequent posts in a couple of days from now !!

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Vandita said...

Blog updated and url changed to this.
Will come back later to read and comment.

How do we know said...

look, its ur job. No point getting sentimental about it. The undertaker has a job too.

CrazyHeart said...

self pity kya..?
u must be working on java..:)
why dont u switch to new technology..phyton..prog lang..!
hmmm happy working time:)
nice blog dude..:)

Geetika said...

People write n ask readers to have patience and assure more frequent posts.....
but I m now running out of stock. No patience left!

Nitu said...

It does seem disappointing. Today everything is quantified, including humanity.

Dev Vaibhav said...

Good thought, I think Evaluating human life isn't bad.I like comment "the undertaker has a job too".The whole idea of this evaluation is providing security to that particular person or the dependent one.
strech your thoughts to one more post, u will find the satisfaction in your job.