Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas :)

First and foremost a very very sorry to all the fellow readers of my blog, not because I didn't write any blog in past two months, but because they didn't get a chance to write an expert comment on my blog :D

Now the question is why didn't I write any blog in past two months !! The answer is the very same reason that I wrote blogs two months back, I hope you might have read it somewhere on my blog that i wrote my blogs from my office desk and since from past two months i was heavily loaded with the work, i never got time to pass through a proxy server and use "" and what ever time I got, I tried to make my blog look different.

Anyways, now since I am back (hopefully), i would write about the zillions of topics that I thought. Today is "Christmas" and I am happy as well as sad, happy because I have time to write a blog from my office desk and sad because I am in Office and don't have a holiday :-(

And it has happened once again, I can't think of what to write even though there are so many thoughts running through my mind simultaneously...Mumbai Blasts, India beating Australia and England, Time up for dada and jumbo, Billi 2008 and so many things...

Let me consolidate a bit and will get back to the blog in next couple of hours !!!

Dasvidaniya !!!

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Geetika said...

Good to see ur apology :P
Anywayz welcome bck after a long break :)

Ashish Surana said...

Thank You, atleast someone is following my blog closely :P

shikha said...

Well..there are many others who are following ur blog Closely tooo :) ..!!