Saturday, June 9, 2012


The following post is taken up from a fellow blogger (here) and absolutely loved it has all the elements that I would write about myself!! J


Unlike reading and writing, observing is not a hobby. It’s a natural ability, a part and parcel of someone’s basic instincts...Observation, in philosophical terms, is not at all similar to introspection or retrospection... It is a timeless and dynamic process of continuous learning, which always helps one to live in the present...A real observer, beholds things that others cannot even notice, perceives things that others cannot even imagine...and, therefore, observers among both men and women are rare...

Why should a girl Date a guy who observes!!!

Date a guy who not only tells you how beautiful you are, but tells you what exactly what makes you beautiful... Yes, he would notice something new about your everyday...He would tell you about things that distinguish you from all other girls around you, things about you that you might have never noticed yourself!
He would love you for who you are and not for how you look! Right from your simplicity to your confidence, right from your intelligence to your madness, he would admire everything about you...Right from your weird traits to your idiotic mood swings, he would not only observe it all, but also understand you, understand things about you that no one else does.

He observes, he listens, he learns, he explores, he visualizes, and he wants to know more! These make him a sensible person and being sensible is not same as being intelligent. He would notice the pain in your eyes when the whole world believes that your fake smile means that you're happy..Share your problems with him, speak your heart out, he would listen with an incredible patience, and always come up with a solution.

Never lie to him, because you simply cannot afford to do that! But the best way to irritate him is to pretend that you're hiding something.. No matter how sensible or how intelligent he is, curiosity is his biggest weakness! Tell him that someone else knows you better than what he does, tell him that there is a secret that you cannot share with him, and he would go crazy out of curiosity, out of envy..Yes, he envies all those guys (and even girls) who know things about you that he does not, who talk to you more than what he does..Try to play pranks with him and he would pretend that he knows nothing, while he knows everything.. Yes, observers actually pretend their ignorance just to see that smile on your face, and this is, perhaps, the cutest thing about them!

Date a guy who observes because he flirts in a really unique style! He won't ever use the cliched filmy dialogues and fake promises to impress you..But if you look at yourself through his eyes, you would be flattered, for whatever he says, he says out of his own observations, and therefore, he means it!
He won't write typical romantic poems on your birthday, but he would write long notes that exclusively talk about you and every small thing about you that he finds funny, that he finds cute, that he finds awesome! His sense of humor is also an outcome of his brilliant observation skills and wits, he would make you laugh, he would come up with cute nicknames almost daily.

He does not believe in fairy tale romance, but he happens to be a romantic guy..His style of romance is, however, really different..Get naughty with him and he would get naughtier, act like a kid and he would pamper you.. Irrespective of your mood, he would always get to know what you want, for observation is timeless, and he always has the urge to know you, to know what you feel and what you desire.
He loves surprises.. He likes intelligent girls.. He loves intellectual conversations..His behavior might seem to be idiosyncratic at times, but you would start enjoying his idiotic side as well.. Listen to him, talk about anything and everything under the sun, share your views about things that interest him.. He would easily forgive you even if you are at your worst, but you should never doubt him! He expects you to have faith in him and nothing would hurt him more than seeing doubt in your eyes.. There is no place for over-possessiveness, suspicions and insecurities in your life for you are dating an observer, for you are blessed to have him and he deserves to be trusted!

Date a guy who observes because you deserve it! You deserve someone who knows you and understands you well..You deserve someone who loves you the way you are..You deserve someone who means what he says.. You deserve a guy who knows the worst of the things about you, but genuinely admires you, and above all, date a guy who observes because, "Love is, when someone gradually takes you to who you are, rather than what he wants you to be"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

One year hence.....Part 2

I have been visiting my blog regularly but never felt like writing one for various reasons. Tonight, i have the time and a right frame of mind to complete this blog. So here it goes....
Sept 2, 2010, the date when i left the city which i didn't really like and moved to a homely environment with the dude around all the time. I witnessed what i always wished, seeing him learn everything..... from speaking, crawling, standing, eating etc etc. On the other hand, I was running out of time coz I was jobless and surely, it isn't the best feeling as you have been habitual to a routine & keeping yourself occupied. The "khali dimag" gives you a lot of doubts about yourself and your future. The various things that can possibly go wrong and the questions you may be asked...!!

Anyway, at the back of my mind, i knew that i am moving on to put more efforts and not here to give up. So the success is inevitable, it may just take a bit of time. So I had plans and a fair idea of what i wanted to do in the free days. Looking for a better job was one, studying was second and visiting my native place & staying there for a period of 2 weeks or more was the third one. The whole September went in all form of interviews, multiple interviews happening on a single day etc etc..i am sure i don't have the most attractive resume but i broke the code of appearing on the top of the list in search results for various job portals leading to the interview calls.

Of all the interviews that happened, the one i got through was the one where i got the feeling of getting through within the first 10 mins of 1/5 round of interviews. Something that helped me understand the meaning of intuition, destiny or get a different feeling from the start that you would succeed. I finally got the final offer on 29th Sept and to my destiny or was again in the same city of Hyderabad, which meant that I would have to set up all the things again, at the very same place which I didn't like much. The good thing about the offer was I had asked a joining post Diwali which ensured that i have one & half month long break and a new life awaiting on the other side of it.

All the self doubts, fear and insecurity turned into a joyous feeling and a belief that everything happens for good.  I started to feel a bit more confident and a lot more positive ...and that's what a sense of achievement or success does to you. The next one month passed with a lot of thinking & planning on what to do from here.  The mistakes & things that led to negativism shouldn't be repeated and do whatever it takes to keep myself motivated & positive. The role, I was offered wasn't the most ideal one, but i decide that i would get the best of it, learn and develop skills that i want to and explore all the opportunities. Additionally, keep a balanced life and at least have sometime for everything otherwise it would make me feel stuck again

The next 45 holidays were not as stressful as the last 29 days, however i was still getting calls and getting interviewed. I moved to my native place with my parents for next one month or so and interviews kept following me. One fine day, i got another offer and now the confusion was which one to join. The second offer wasn't the attractive one in terms of compensation but was in Gurgaon and might require me to work from UK for a span of up to 2 years. The point was they asked me join in such a hurry that i sensed something is wrong. With the help of IIT network, i did find out that they do it with each person they hire even if there isn't any work. I told them that i would join on so & so date but i didn't. 

Anyway, i spent a much needed time with my parents. The longest i have had in past 4 years and observed the changes in their lives and expectations from us as children. How much they have compromised & sacrificed to put me in a position that I could give a decent enough job for nothing. The whole month gave me enough energy & motivation to set my priorities straight and head out to achieve what i want to... staying with in my limitations & moral responsibility. 

2 weeks later...14th Nov 2010, i moved back to Hyderabad to a different organization with different expectations and much more people in the surroundings. A different brand, culture & environment all together and hence i had to be different from what I was, so i changed my approach...a bit more aggressive..a bit more professional & a lot more smart in dealing with people.

Just like any other year....a lot has happened since 15th Nov 2010 to 6th Nov 2011. .. will blog about it and rest of the ideas if and when the time permits.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Random post for random times...

Life is not about keeping a record, it isn't about how many people call you or miss you, it is not about who you have dated or which person likes you.It isn't about what sport you play or which music you like , It isn't about your shoes,your hair, your race or where you live.

Life is not about the college you study from, the grades you passed with, the money you earn or the clothes you wear. Life isn't about having loads of friends or staying alone, it isn't bout how common or weird you are !!

Life is about who you love and who you hurt, it's about how you feel about yourself, it's about trust happiness and compassion, it's about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love. It is about valuing a relationship, personal and professional

Life is about avoiding jealousy,overcoming ignorance and building confidence. It is about what you say, what you mean and what you do. It is about seeing people for who they are and not what they have or what they want to be. It is about choosing to use your life touch someone else's in a way that could have never been achieved otherwise.

Life is all about making choices...!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

24 Hours...Part 1 - Budwiser Effect

I'm in a good mood & it prompted me to share the kind of days i enjoy....very weird but then i love these kind of days :) .

9th up at 8:30 in the ready by 8:55 and left for the office...reached office with loads of work waiting for me. The thing which made it even more challenging was to complete the work by 7 PM in evening because we were having once in a year party for entire group of people ...close to 100 people and probably the only party when alcohol is sponsored by the company. 

In a mood to party hard and with the pressure to complete the work, I slogged all day long to complete the work with minimum time for the lunch, coffee break, chat, phone calls etc. I somehow managed to complete enough amount work, if not all & sneaked in couple of calls with the US folks as well and made sure that i leave office by 7:30. To make it even more enjoyable, the rain god was kind to us and it rained while we had our party in an open lawn besides a pool and a DJ floor. The time was right & so was the weather, to enjoy alcohol with the colleague and talk "intelligent" stuff while everyone around you was kind of drunk :)

So here I was, holding a budwiser from the time I walked in till the time I walked out, I am not sure how many of them did i finish but I am sure the person serving the beers was in a state of shock seeing me again every 5-10 mins. Just to clear the air, i didn't drink so much of beers, I was just helping out everyone in the party to complete their quota of beers ;) .It was indeed the beauty of the party that I could offer anyone & everyone a beer coz I wasn't paying for it :)

Anyways, we all danced....some in totally drunk state, some in a semi drunk state and some people like me in a "Delightfully High" mood. With the kind of dancer I am, it was better for me to move out of dance floor and do what i like most...mingle with people....people i normally won't get a chance to interact. It was one of those days when I saw most naturally side of the people i work with...for obvious reasons ;)

The weather made it more awesome for me to sit under the open sky and talk to people. It was just the start of 4 hour session of chit chat with probably everyone I see in my office every day...I don't work with all of them but I tried to interact with most of them, and somehow realized to have developed a habit of cracking one liners and ability to speak in different it Haryanvi, Mumbaiya hindi, punjabi, a bit of Hyderabadi hindi and that "hey dude..whats up" kind of :P

This was probably the only time I could talk to the DJ, probably the only time I was able to talk to "well dressed" girls even in the formal set up....coz previously i had perception that I am not their types and I can't fit in. What kept me going was the level of energy, not the beers :P and what makes me happy is I made an attempt to come out of my shell and be part of the environment which I used to avoid. Its easier to talk to people you have atleast something in common than the people whom you don't know at all....i have done a lot of the tougher part and yesterday I learnt the easier one.....better late then never :)

Finally around 1 AM or so, we all decided to leave for our respective homes. Till that time I thought the beer didn't get into me, but after driving the bike for 5 kms, reaching home & spending 5 minutes on facebook I finally realized that I had more beers than I should have ...which made my next day (10th June) a tough one...but when the going gets tough..the tough gets going :-)

--Part II would follow soon with the details of what happened the nextday--

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Dude ....!!!

After writing my previous blog i realized, i had forgotten a very important thing..i forgot to introduce the new member of our family.  So the 'One year hence part... 2' is postponed for now.

On 23rd of December 2009, 2 days before the bollywood's biggest hit "3 Idiots" was released, my bhabi gave birth to a baby boy. Back then, for couple of weeks he was called the "4th Idiot " but later given the name "Shlok", obviously by me. As with any other kid these days, the guy is quite smart considering his age and unlike me & my brother, he is quite photogenic. He somehow has the ability to locate camera from the corner of his eyes  and pose for a picture. This one is just one of the many..!!

Needless to say, but I am in love with the Dude..and somehow the circumstances turned around in a way that i get to spent time with him while he learnt to crawl, walk, talk and 100 other things. I don't remember how i spent my childhood but seeing him doing all kind of stuff makes me feel, i wish i was that smart.

The guy passes smile to girls of my age and gets all the attention..somehow has love for Mobile phone & laptops from day 1...doesn't sleep before 12 Midnight..has enormous amount of love for ice-cream, cold coffee and mango...give him the phone and he will talk for long hours (in his own language)...  Don't know if god is working over time to design these kids :P

I don't know how, but the dude recognized me even when I met him for the first time and he has been after my specs since then, oh yeah....just mine !! He deliberately wakes me up and signals towards my specs lying on the table or else where. He comes and sit in my lap, just when i am about to have lunch / dinner and obviously share some of it :-). He makes me eat his share of biscuits & chocolates and at times rice too.. pinch by pinch for half an hour or so. ...Plays with me just when I sit to work and list of our bonding goes on & on....

Sometimes its fascinating to see him being able to differentiate between a T.V Remote, a Mobile phone and a toy phone..from where can he know which charger fits into which can he imitate everyone's actions so can he apply so much of brain in most of the things he do !! I am sure its just the start of thousands of unbelievable things which i am gonna witness about him.....these 3rd generation kids...beyond my scope to understand...!!

P.S - Shlok, if &when you happen to read this would know how naughty you were & how much happiness you bring to me and the entire family....:-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

One year hence.....Part 1

Its been over an year since i blogged last time...a lot has changed since then...a new job..a new house..a new life responsibilities...and bigger than that, we have a new ICC world champions :-)

So here i go....sharing my life and experiences.!!

The last summer was a forgettable one....frustrated with the job & possibly seeking bad luck in every thing i was doing...I met an stitches on my right hand with couple of weeks left in an important exam. Post exam wasn't a easy time either, day used to start with leaving from home in frustration and 6-7 hours later..reaching back home with frustration from office...!! Preparing for job interviews every alternate day and keep waiting to hear from the job consultants and companies...came close to quite a few but "apna to bad luck hi kharab hai"...somehow or the other..the offer letter didn't come :P

Parents visited my place in a way to get me out of the frustration and advising me to continue the job for a little while longer...but the kind of guy i am, i resigned from my job without any other offer letter...a decision that many would have felt foolish considering i was earning decent enough. On the other hand, i passed the exam too..i knew i would pass coz of the level of preparation & motivation i had in-spite of an Inter Venal injection in my right arm.

Resigning from a job gave a sense of relief coz i knew I'm moving on.. but at the same time i was in an uncertainty ...i didn't know what would i move on to. The good thing about it was i wanted a change and I made it happen rather than waiting for it. Probably the first positive thing i learnt from all of it :-)

31st August 2010, the day when i left my first job and 2 days later i moved out of Hyderabad....for me i had nothing to loose coz there wasn't anything to gain even if I had stayed longer ...for others i might have lost everything...considering "Money / Job / Career" is everything least in the community i studied !!

Keep visiting the space to know what happened next !! :-)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Copied but Awesome :)

When Sachin Tendulkar traveled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam.

When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious career taming Imran and company, Roger Federer was a name unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to "open" the Nehruvian economy.

It seems while Time was having his toll on every individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar.

We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had a Sachin Tendulkar and we never will.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My 24th Birthday !!! -- I'm still discovering myself

Yesterday was my 24th birthday and though I am official 24 now but i still believe "i am growing up without growing old" ..which is other way of saying, i am still carrying the innocence, humbleness and a fresh attitude to learn like a 12 year old kid :) ... sorry for being narcissistic, but i can't help it.

Anyway, I won't talk about how I spent my birthday but about the things I discovered about myself in past few months and about the world around :)

Do we see what we think or do we think what we see ?....I personally believe that we see what we think since everything starts from our mind and that's one of the reason why I was so frustrated with my life coz i thought what i shouldn't have and hence did everything which I could have avoided or which could have been done in a much better way. The moral is... always have a control on what you think and the way to do is to have like minded people around you, if not people than stay connected to the things which keeps your thinking right & simple

Even if you are an Osama-bin-laden, its important that you are surrounded by terrorists and not by saints.

Since I write blog to share good thoughts, i won't share the frustrating part of my life but the things I learnt all this while, Don't take these as words of advice but as a learning experience of someone else. I am too young to advice anyone :)

--Never have a self doubt, thats the worst thing that can happen to anyone. There is atleast one thing about each one of us that made us achieve what we are, just stick to that. It can be anything..luck..cheating...never say die attitude..hardwork..intelligence or even copying someone else

--Never compete with someone in his/her strength, use your strengths to excel in life coz you can't beat someone's good luck with your bad luck, you can't manipulate system better than someone who has done it from past 20 years. If hardwork has worked for me, i would be stupid to try my luck without working harder

--The world around us is not as ugly as it looks like, we just need to look at the brighter side of it and learn from it. It is a saying that a drunk guy is always honest, so either you can learn to be a drunkard or you can learn to be an honest person. It is not at all necessary to be drunk in order to be honest. Choice is yours !!!

--There are no substitutes for parents & no fhortcuts for success. No one except your parents cares about your happiness, everyone else has a selfish reason attached, for you being happy. About success, Sachin Tendulkar still has to go out in the sun to score runs even though he is successful at it, how can we call ourselves successful by scoring more runs than him on a play station against highest difficulty level ?? Either we don't know the definition of success or we are too lazy to put efforts !!

--It not necessary to fail in order to succeed coz out of the 1000 individuals who fail, only one become Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or J.K Rowling. Avoid getting failed, there are better ways to learn as well. Prevention is better than cure...remember ???

--There are always three choices for everything and not two !!! We subconsciously ignore the third one.....should i read this...should i not read this.... & the third one..should i know why it is written !! First two are too easy to decide...third one takes a bit of thinking !!

--Try to make progress in life always but never forget what you have achieved and what you have !! One makes your future better and one makes your present beautiful ...both are equally important

-- Lastly, sharing and saying ideal things are much easier than doing ...but then "doing" is the only way to make it real ....thinking / hoping / wishing wont result in anything !!!

For all those who think I am intelligent, i am not...its the attitude to study for 16 hours a day got me into IIT...its the attitude to stay 24 x 7 online that made me meet and have good friends....its the attitude to learn from everything that came across made me what i am......i hope i will continue with the same attitude :)

Giving up is the last option on my list, so i will try till i be a good be a good friend and a successful human being !!!

P.S : Last couple of lines are just meant for me... :) ....and even if you can relate it to yourself... don't think that you want to be me...but think how can you be yourself !!!

P.P.S : Commenting on my blog is not at all compulsory from now on as if it was.. :P ...its an option...coz i anyway right about myself and for myself :)

Thanks to all those who are reading this & wished me on my birthday... :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

I am Alive

Hey guys,

I am sure no one would have visited my blog from last 4 months because even i didn't visit it :D but just wanted to share that i am alive and so is my blog :) ....i will be back to regular blogging soon (from next monday probably)

There is a hell lot to share ..something good..something not so good....what i have achieved and what is yet to be achieved.

The changes that have taken place, the friends who got married and who are planing to :P

So please be with me :)

P.S : I just bought Canon SX 110 :) and might just start with a photo blog of mine :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tag # 1

This is my first tagged post and I don't know what am I supposed to write. Anyways Sakshi tagged me here in her one of the post and since I don't have any girl friend, the kind of narcissistic person I am,I would strictly try to keep this tag to myself and as funny as possible :

All you have to do, is write down something significant about yourself next to each number one to ten.

1 -- No of times i have been tagged till now and this is the only one :)
One is also the no. of college i have studied in - IIT Delhi :)

2 -- Number of blogs I write (other being less frequent)

3 -- No of broken bones I had till now (Right hand,Left hand's ring finger,left ankle)

4 -- Number of memorable years @ IIT D

5 -- Number of times i have drunk beer :)

6 -- Number of guy in my friend circle in school as well as college (never had any girl around :P )

7 -- My lucky no. !! Its attached to almost everything in my life.

8 -- Number of grueling semesters at IIT, where exams used to visit us thrice in every semester

9 -- Number of blogs I am following anonymously :)

10 -- Number of digits in my mobile no. :D

Finalllyyy i have completed the tag and it took a lot of hard work to think about all the above points.

Now I am forwarding the tag to Smriti, Akansha,Hadez,Dev D & Yamini

P.S : This was a tough one, kindly tag me simpler ones from now :)

I have been quite busy with the work hence couldn't write, I do read the blogs so keep blogging :)