Friday, May 20, 2011

One year hence.....Part 1

Its been over an year since i blogged last time...a lot has changed since then...a new job..a new house..a new life responsibilities...and bigger than that, we have a new ICC world champions :-)

So here i go....sharing my life and experiences.!!

The last summer was a forgettable one....frustrated with the job & possibly seeking bad luck in every thing i was doing...I met an stitches on my right hand with couple of weeks left in an important exam. Post exam wasn't a easy time either, day used to start with leaving from home in frustration and 6-7 hours later..reaching back home with frustration from office...!! Preparing for job interviews every alternate day and keep waiting to hear from the job consultants and companies...came close to quite a few but "apna to bad luck hi kharab hai"...somehow or the other..the offer letter didn't come :P

Parents visited my place in a way to get me out of the frustration and advising me to continue the job for a little while longer...but the kind of guy i am, i resigned from my job without any other offer letter...a decision that many would have felt foolish considering i was earning decent enough. On the other hand, i passed the exam too..i knew i would pass coz of the level of preparation & motivation i had in-spite of an Inter Venal injection in my right arm.

Resigning from a job gave a sense of relief coz i knew I'm moving on.. but at the same time i was in an uncertainty ...i didn't know what would i move on to. The good thing about it was i wanted a change and I made it happen rather than waiting for it. Probably the first positive thing i learnt from all of it :-)

31st August 2010, the day when i left my first job and 2 days later i moved out of Hyderabad....for me i had nothing to loose coz there wasn't anything to gain even if I had stayed longer ...for others i might have lost everything...considering "Money / Job / Career" is everything least in the community i studied !!

Keep visiting the space to know what happened next !! :-)

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Shubhra... said...

good decision!! m glad u made a decision like this for urself... :) u shud do wat u enjoy doing this makes half of the work easier... n at times inner satisfaction matters... may be not always... but yes at times :) all d best!!! keep posting

Ashish Surana said...

@ Shubi - i have learnt from you about doing what you want to do..even if it is foolish :P :P

and inner satisfaction..well it doesn't happen..there is a lot to achieve :-)

Sayani said...

Life is stranger than fiction but am happy you have emerged stronger
All the best !!!

Thanks for dropping by :)