Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holidays :)

This is my second post from my one n only electronic gadget, my dear black berry which happens to be my very good friend coz it keeps me connected with every1 n everywhere !! The reason I have to post via this is coz I have been kept very busy all this while, lots of work n lots of tiredness and inspite of numerous attempts I cudnt complete my previous posts, and now finally I am writing,sitting at secndrabad station with my train to home in just abount an hour :)

So for the next one week, precisely till 9th of sept I would be away from the blog world and let's hope that I would catch up, once I come back from home !!!

Sorry to all the handful readers of my blog, I ws very busy with my office work and studies !! Will try to be more frequent with my interesting posts :D

One more news, I have not yet started with my fiction blog coz I couldn't personalize the theme n looks of the blog (I understood quite a bit of html n xtml) would do that after I spent some time for it. For the mean while I have started another blog 'the-x-effect' which is about the witty, inspirational, humours and self constructed one liners !! I would try to keep it that way but still I would be very happy to share it with other bloggers, who would add up their spicy n natural thoughts !! So all those who wanna be part of it in every sense, please leave a comment, I would give you the access or whatever it is known as.

P.S : leave comments good or bad coz it helps me to improve and also keeps me going !!

P.S 2 : black berry services doesn't work while roaming :( !!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Theories - Part I

Its been quite a bit of time since I wrote my previous post, and all this while I had so many things to write; actually there are 4-5 posts waiting in the "Edit Posts" section to be completed !!! Lets hope I would complete those soon....

As the title suggest the post is about some "Arbit" theories that I have discovered/framed in last 2 years or so....

Theory of Probability of life : "Death" is the only thing in the future we are sure about hence in Mathematical terms the Probability of Dying is = 1 (Max Value), yet in our whole life we escape "Death" millions of times which implies that Probability of Dying = 0 (Zero) (1/1000000 ~ 0)

Hence the best thing we can do is "
Live Ever Moment of Life"

Theory of Relativity : I am neither an Albert Einstein nor I'm fond of Physics, my theory is far far from physics and science. Anyways, my theory states that "Every adjective which is subjective is relative in nature" i.e Everything we feel or say is relative though we assume it to be absolute. We call something good coz there exists something which is Bad,the same is the case with love and hatred, also with intelligent and ignorant. The statement can further be concluded that everything we say is in comparison to someone else.

Theory of Mistakes v 1.0 : Its a well known fact that we all make mistakes and lot many great people have advised us to learn from the mistakes because the more we learn the more knowledgeable we get, the more knowledgeable we get the successful we become. What it also mean is, successful people make lots of mistakes, so if you thinking of becoming successful, make lots of mistakes and if you wish to be successful always, only make mistakes :)

4) Theory of Mistakes v 1.1 : The modified version of the above theory states that "learn from the other people's mistakes", the more we get to know about other's mistakes; less would be the probability that we repeat the same mistake; in other words the more we get to know "what not to do" and hence we understand what need to be done.

"There is more to learn more failures than success"

Last but not the least

5) Theory of Conspiracy : Everything being said for or against a gal is a "Conspiracy" because there are believers and disbelievers !!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(More theories would be updated soon, keep checking out the space)

Note : Sample Post on my "Test Blog" has got a comment too, didn't ever expected that !!!

PS : Above theories are 100 % subjected to improve with time !!

Recent news : My blog and my writing has been liked by most of the readers who know me in real and I hope they all have been honest with me .

Friday, September 5, 2008

What An Idea !!! ;)

Its been over a week since I wrote my last blog and over 50 days I have been a part of this blogger's community and all this while I have came across many many blogs, most of them are like daily diaries where people write about their lives and things happening around with them or with their friends.For them blogging is a mode of sharing things and their take on everything.

Some of the blogs are poetic, with hindi and english Poems and Short notes written in the most beautiful language or rather they are "Beautifully expressed thoughts" or "Smoothly written emotions" !!!

Some of the blogs are out of "shear frustration with life", full of negative emotions and hatred and some how found the same bloggers commenting on the blogs that describes life as a "A Beautiful Gift by god", can't really think if they are confused or just pretend to be that way !!! It only adds up to me belief that "People don't Change, only Circumstances Do"

Some interesting blogs are about "Life and Its Philosophy", many of these blogs talk about "Ideal" things in life, they talk about "can and should" which is far different from "is, was and will", it does leave with an effect on us, similar to "A Mouth Freshner after a bottle of beer" which smells good; as long as we can control our desire to get hold of another one.

Some blogs with a high amount of traffic concentrates primarily on "the spicy stuff" , about a girl and her relationship, or may be a girl busy with blind dates or just a "Conspiratorial Topic" which leads to lots of questions and confusion in everyone's mind.

Whats strange is that Very few blogs are fictions, Strange coz except me I don't know any one who likes to read and don't read fiction (in real not on blog) and yet there is so scarcity of fiction blogs. Don't know why I read one of those fiction blogs and fell in love with that, primarily coz it was a very realistic soft story and being emotional myself it touched my heart. .So while reading all these blogs and specially that fiction one, two things came into my mind :-

1) Should I try to write some fiction !!!
2) If I am able to write one,What shall be the main theme of the blog, that can be interesting and at the same time can continue with my objective of sharing my learning through life !!! or in short,It must fulfill my Aim with out using "Can and Should" words.

One more thing which was at the back of my mind was the absence of any blog on Guy's take on Dating/Blind Dating with girls. Come on, we all know that if a girl is dating there has to be a guy too, if girls can write about their experiences why isn't there any guy who shares similar things, may be we guys are too shy to share it with our counter parts or may be we are too interested to gain undeserving respect/compliment rather then an honest criticism !! (Guys do share these things with themselves)

Anyways, as it happens with every idea, it happened with this one too, I was sitting in a private place concentrating on just one thing and suddenly I felt, I Got it !! 100s of questions and thoughts started to stimulate my brain simultaneously, and I am still confused if I can write some fiction or not. So here I am looking for some suggestions / ideas for two things :-

--> Would it be interesting if I write some fiction about a guy's take on dating with number of girls??
-- >What shall be the name of the blog ? Coz I can think of only one title [ Ab Tak Chappan (56) ]

So please drop in some comments about your take on my idea !!!

Note : The pic has nothing to do with me !!!! Its here coz I liked it and it brought big smile to my face !!!!